Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Tuesday, September 13

Hello You.

Well, the school camp made me extremely tired. Lack of sleep. Too much inspiration. I loved the museums (Yes, we went to two. Yay!) and there were some fun moments.
But I'm sick at the moment, hoping to be better tomorrow.
I'm at a thousend diffrent things with my mind, so I've got 1000 unfinished things. So I'll just post what's done. (Wow, one thing! Haha!) and post more soon.
In Köln, I went shopping. Zara. Yay. Lovely.
But then: I was freaking tired and didn't have enough for the shirt and another cute shirt (Which was green-ish with and ibis on it and it looked retegaaf on me) so I snapped and stood there, crying because I couldn't buy both pieces. Haha. Lame. Whatever.

Oh, and tonight there's a show about Proenza Schouler on Nederland 2 (22:55 I think) I asked my parents to record it. (:

Oh2, I'm happy with this summer's shows. So many dark colours <3

Sunday, September 4

See You.

Didn't know a title. So I'll go with this one. Monday-Friday I'll be away on a schoolcamp. Wednesday I'll visit a museum. I hope I'll be inspired. (:
I know the model is crappy and the outfit isn't really fashionable, but I was too lazy to spend more time on her (I'll for the next one, I promise) and I wanted to make a clowny outfit. (Yay! Succeeded!)

And I shopped cute stuff. (:
Oh, and the sweater has cute cut-out sleeves with tiny bows. Normally I'm not that much into bows because it makes me look even younger, but these bows are really, really, really subtile.

See you next week! xx

Friday, September 2

Fall's Favorites.

My favorite fall 2011 advertorials, in no particular order.
Ondria Hardin ♥,  Dorte Limkilde (And some others, not in these shots), shot by Meisel.
Prada, because it makes me want to dress up in a coat, wear my sunglasses and move in slowmotion.

Carola Remer, shot by Inez & Vinoodh.
Ports 1961, because Carola is perfect and it makes me wish I lookd this great in mature clothes.

Mariacarla Boscono (And others, not in these pictures), shot by Mert & Marcus.
Givenchy because these pictures confirmed the fact that I like the combination of Asia&Europe (Like Chinese food, just 500m from your house. Lovely.)
And of course, because these images are so 'fierce'.
Juju Ivanyuk, shot by Cedric Buchet.
Elie Saab because I love to-the-neck splits, and Juju shows us the only right way to live in a dress with this feature. 
Arizona Muse, shot by Glen Luchford.
Alberta Ferretti because when I trip I never look this classy.

Daria Strokaus (And others, not in these pictures), shot by Willy Vanderperre.
Jil Sander because the pattern on the jumper is mesmerizing. No other words appropriate.

Aline Weber, shot by Alasdair McLellan.
Derek Lam because it's a little kitchy and it makes me want to walk in a really clean city, wearing a wool coat, perfect pantalon and ankleboots like in Derek's show. Inspiring.

Which shows and prints did you like?

Tuesday, August 30


I tried to copy a runwaylook. I failed at finding a matching purse. (And I hate hats, so I didn't look for a hat, haha)
(And damn, ties are expensive! I mean 2cm of fabric for €20,-?)
Topshop, WE (man), H&M (man), H&M, Zara, Vila (Via Wehkamp), Manfield.

I realized I actualy liked the tacky, boyish, 80-ish, snooker-ish collection of Dolce&Gabanna fw'11. I wish brogues looked cool on me.
Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana 
€245,-, via Net-a-porter. I mean: Since when do I admire sparkly pants?

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana 
And those earrings are too cute.
€216,79 via Net-a-porter.

I need new shoes, what kind of shoes should I buy?

Sunday, August 28

Pardon Me

I'm sorry for not posting as much as I want to.
Everything I've got in my head turns out terrible ):
Was supposed to be very cute and cheeky. Looks ordinary. Argh.

Thursday, August 25

Old Bread Isn't Bad.

Crappy title. Sorry for not posting a couple of days, I had plenty of ideas but when I tried to 'put them on paper' they seemed really weird and ugly and they didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.

A couple of days ago, we ate french toast for lunch, and it inspired me to do some sort of french-toast-bavarois, but I couldn't find nice pictures of french toast and a glass, so I decided to draw it all myself. This is the result:
I know the roasted marshmallow looks poisonous, but everybody knows that a good marshmallow looks like a freaking mushroom. (:
I hope the recipe is clear, though.

And the amount of hairy fashion is getting on my nerves. Every time you watch tv you see spots about woman being happy a product removed the hair from their legs/armpits/downunder, and then fashion gives them all the hair back. I don't get it. The only thing furry should be a fur coat.
Miu Miu Miu Miu, Via.
It looks like an icebear-cow combination.
3.1 Phillip Lim 3.1 Phillip Lim 3.1Phillip Lim, Via.
(iPad case made out of rabbit. Am I the only one thinking this is hi-la-ri-ous?)
Anna Sui Anna Sui, Via.
€363,27 for a kitty-dressup-kit.
Maison Martin Margiela Maison Martin Margiela, Via.
Looks like his wig-coat, but then a little less freaky. It still looks like hair though.

But it's warm, and I guess that's what count because this fall there were a lot of bare legs on the runway, I think those people need a furry overdose to compensate or something.

Sunday, August 21

Sweet Honey.

An outfit I made up, inspired by a painting in the Groninger Museum.

And I was too stupid to write down the name of the artist. Sorry artist.
And you can guess which fall'11 show inspired the shape of the dress.

And I made a new BBQedible. (I decided to call it that way because it's perfect for eating outside, but it's no 'real food')

Friday, August 19

Museums and something less mature.

I went to the zoo with my grandmother and grandfather and was inspired by all the animals and colors and plants and had an effing great time and today I went with my other grandmother to the Groninger Museum, which inspired me too.
And both made me extremely tired in a good way (:

Oh, and since my mobile phone takes crappy photos I edited the photos so much it doesn't matter anymore. Kehkeh.

Iris van Herpen

Marga Weimans

Alon Levin

Victor & Rolf (?)
I had a great week (:
And thursday I bought new glasses.

Oh, and something less mature:
The Sims3. My favorite house ever. I have like 100 of these in my 'neighbourhood' (Which is called 'Irenetown', haha!)

The bottom images are the floorplans.