Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Sunday, October 31


Dear, cute, awesome, too-pretty Du Juan (LL) and Fei Fei Sun (LL) pour H&M. Holiday.
These two girls are my favourite asians (Tao is also cute, but Fei Fei is just STRIKING).
I WANT TO HAVE THOSE SWEATERS. I'm 90% sure they'll look fugged up and old and non-stylish on me, like allprinted wool sweaters do. Yuck.


Elle Ukraine, september 2010.
Modeled by: Charlotte (??) SHE REMINDS ME OF ENIKO! WHOO!
Styled by Nataliya Osadchaya (Hard name to pronounce. Haha) photographed by Nikolay Biryukov.
Love the 2nd, 3rd and the last frame.
Gosh, awesome setting. It reminds me of some cold, rich bitch showing her soft side in a gossipmagazine, and that made stylish, mixed with some halloween-vibes. Brilliant.

Monday, October 25

Flair, November 2010.
Bregje Heinen (LL) shot by Jean-François Campos, styled by Vittoria Cerciello.
*Completely in love* I mean: This is inspiring, I'm looking forward to drawing something in this style.
Combined with Chanel fw"11hair and those eyebrows and furs and leather and velvet.
Don't you? 

Edit: Fuggit. The Pictures are to big for my blog and wont shrink.
Well, nevermind.

Lucky Girl

Lindsey Wixson, photographed by Craig McDean. Versace Vanitas.
Poor little Lindsey. Well, I'm still jealous of her lips, but styled this way she looks so mean and cold!
I think I prefer her without make-up or with just red lipstick.
But I still love the photograph, haha. She looks cool and the colours make it work really good.
I just hate the price Versace gives to their perfumes.

Saturday, October 23

Cover Love

Natasha Poly, photographed by Mario Sorrenti.
I love the hippie/bohemian/natasha-ish cover.
The styling is flawless, completely genious!
The (new- wel, not new, just dyed-) haircolour suits her so well!
Go Poly! Go!

Thursday, October 21

Happy Birthday To Me...

Yaay! Birthday! Hooray! So guys: Remember October 21st. So, for that reason I'm making an -for me- ENORMOUS! Post. Enjoy =D

First of all:
First of all: A little graph, which has -I don't know why- shrunk to a miniscule graphic. Annoying Paint! CAN I EVER TRUST THOU AGAIN!? -Answer: Yes of course, what else should I use besides paint? Gimp?-

And then: Ratapapapaa: (*Drums, you know*)
My outfit, yaay! =.=' Just simple, but requested.

Yaay. Well, in black-withe (First three ;P) couse my computer messed up the colours =.='
ON MY BIRTHDAY! My computer hates me! D:
Sweater: H&M (Döhh) Blue
Pants: C&A Dark Blue
Shoes: Bristol Black/Silver
Ring: Erhm, Dunno anymore, I bought it with my aunt Silver
Belt: My granny gave it to me *Yay* Blue/Metalic.
Yeah, I dress like all my fellow teenage-girls.

I've got a new mobile phone: Say hello to:

Samsung Star Mini Black Sammy! =D

And last: Inspiration.
Yeah, my inspiration succs. 
(Ylonka verheul) Source:

(Ranya Mordanova) Source

 (?) Source

 (Daiane Conterato) Source

Tuesday, October 19

My Nails look like:

In my dreams. Yuck.
I love 'Alexander McQueen's' nailpolish, this spring/summershow. They're so precicely and complexe and yet so simple and messy. Brilliant.
I wish my nails all were the same size and I wish I could wear nailpolish for more than one day befrore scratching it all off.
Well, enjoy. At least I'm inspired by this pattern, which reminds me in an odd way of MiuMiu f/w 10/11.

Source: Vogue UK

Monday, October 18

Eniko does it again.

Oh, and Muse Magazine does it again ;D
Model: Eniko Mihalik, photographed by Will Davidson, styled by Joanna Schlenzka.
Muse Magazine Mihalik. Brilliant M's. -Random weird thought-
Love the easy styling and setting. Source: models.

Ahhh, Perfect!

Sunday, October 17

Editorial Obsession (Ymre obsession FS)

Glamour Netherlands November 2010.
Models: I don only know Ymre ;D Shot by Marc de Groot, styled by Jos van Heel.
Source: I'm not sure if this are all of the pictures.
I love the styling and Ymre's perfect beauty.

Wednesday, October 13


Yep, catchy title, uh? :3
Charlotte Di Calypso by Miles Aldridge, styled by Cathy Kasterine, Make-up by Lloyd Simmonds.
I love the warm colours and the hair and make-up. I prefer the headshot with the glasses. Love that look! Gimme a bitch-stare like that too!
And I love the thought people in an office can be like robots. (Zombies would be quite interesting too, uh?) 


Saturday, October 9

Like It Was Just An Ordinary Day.

Oh Hanne!

Haha. I love Hanne Gaby's style, and today, when I was checking all streetstyle I could find of NY/London/Milan/Paris I fell in love with those shoes.
They look like witch-shoes, which is really cool because If you see the real look you won't think they're 'witchy' at all.
And those shoes+Grey Socks+Cool skinnies+OVERSIZED Coat+Oversized Sweater+Aweseome Bayswater? Bag.
Hanne Gaby spins our minds.


Lalalalaalaa. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, me being a bad blogger. haha.
School is the problem. =.='
Enjoy this ULTRA FABULOUS (Náááwt) outfit ;3

Tuesday, October 5

Pugh SS"11

Nooooo Way!
Haha' Pugh-Obsessed as I am, I can't resist his latest collection.
Did I already convince you? If not, mail me and I WILL CONVINCE YOU.


And of course: The presentation/movie.
(Watch all of it: The further you get into it, the cooler it gets)
Edit: Grrr. BLogger will only post letters and numbers, so I'll post the link.

All by Master Pugh.

Monday, October 4

Stephanie in a yellow dress.

Yesterday, MissNatural98 aka Stephanie won a challenge, and with that challenge a graphic.
She tinypicced me some pictures and I made the graph for her
Model: MissNatural98 (Face:Stardoll)
Styling: MissNatural98
Graphic Designer: Mehh.
You Like?

Saturday, October 2


I love rings. (Not that I own many rings, I'm poor and they never fit me good enough and I just love to stare at them)
I drew the hand a couple of weeks ago, but then I didn't knew which rings I would put on the fingers.
Today I decided. Two kinda medieval rings, in gold and a red stone to match the crimson nails. I love crimson nails. (Not on me, but on others ;P)
Do you like?