Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Sunday, May 29


Supposed to be couture-y dress, looking like a bad mermaid. 
Quirky-goth-girl look gone wrong.

I've to get used to this way of drawing again I hope...

Saturday, May 28


Is what I hope this tastes like.
Macarons can also be replaces with thin, sweet cookies or crackers. Because macarons are damn expensive.

I need a wrapped skirt. I've got no idea why, I just need it or I'll die.
I do also need shorts with a small print, from a distance it has to look like one color, and when you come closer you can see it's a pattern.
I need a military-boxy-shirt. Dark blue, grey or black.
I need a belt that looks like it's made out of two belts. It would look lovely on a grey Tee with Highwaisted shorts.
I do also need a set of safari-like bangles.
I need wellington-like boots. Shiny. With chains.
And I need an asymetric vest. Preferably denim.
Wish me luck.

Friday, May 27


210th post, and I like the numbers 21 & 0.
Sorry for not posting for like... a year? I felt so exhausted and empty-minded. But I've shopped today, so I feel much better (:
And since I couldn't find online what I've bought, I've drawn it for you.
H&M Nailpolish (€0,95), skirt (€14,95) and make-up bag (€1,95). (it's transperant, so those ligther bananas/leaves are lighter, 'cause they're on the other side)
C&A Bikini bottom (€9,00) (Hey, Spongebob's city is named Bikini Bottom, never noticed that befrore xD) and Bikini top (€7,00).

And some Woo's I hadn't posted yet.

Source Topshop, H&M, Others.

Sunday, May 22

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

And I've got no idea how it ends in English.

This windy morning I tried to create a couture-y look, but it looks like a toothfairy-costume. 'She just needs a wand.' (Like some judge at Project Runway once said.)
And she looks like she has just swallowed a sock or something.
I'm going to try to draw a real, black-tie gown this afternoon.
And of course, today's WOO.
(I make two outfits for one day, because my computer gets nuts of me saving like a 1000 png's)

And a new lay-out, which I hope you like.
I haven't decided if I like it yet.

Saturday, May 21


Most of the time I read 'Saturndays'
Also amazing.

Anyways, a new WOO.

The sources are aboce. Simple outfits with an cardigan I'm obsessed with atm.

And, the new Vuitton ad, shot by Steven Meisel.
Daphne and Anaïs
Gertrude and Zuzanna
It's so wrong it's right.

That was my day, folkies.

Thursday, May 19


I know, don't make nasty comments about the title...
I decided to make an 'I'm starving' VS 'I'm really, really starving' options. One meal looks like a 'normal'meal, and one meal looks like a cute snack.
An entire, enourmous pancake, covered in Chocolatespread, Chocchip-cookies and fudge, VS a wrap with the same ingredients, looking less impressive.
'Healhy' Lunch. (Cheese isn't that healthy, but it's delicious...)
The classic Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich, with pickles, on toast.
I like it when the soft cheese matches with the weird texture of cucumber, the knacky (also weird) texture of pickle and the crunch of toast.
Here in a normal sandwich VS a cute-looking snack.
(You can also buy a round bread and make it a C&C 'pizza')

Tuesday, May 17


Muaahhh. School is too annoying. I tried to make some gifs. But I'm not good at it xD

Main thoughts...
Self portrait.
Pretty boots turned ugly, By Alexander Wang

Sunday, May 15

My bag and my models.

Miu Miu Wallet via here.
 I'll carry Vogue Germany because talking about fashion in German sounds hilarious. no offence.
Cucumber sandwich because I love sanwdwiches with cheese and veggies and without meat.
Spa because that's 'healthy'
Hilfiger perfume because it smells lovely and I like the bottle.
Miu Miu wallet because I like the proportions and the texture.
Essie Nailpolish because I like the logo and the colour.
iPod shuffle because it looks cute. 

Milou van Groesen wears: Shirt, Skirt, Bag, Boots.
Ylonka Verheul wears Shirt, Vest, Pants, Bag, Heels.

Saturday, May 14

Mirte and Chocolatemilk

Mirte Maas, Backstage at Stella McCatrney Fall2012
I Hate, hate, hate drawing ears. 
My nails. I know there's white polish on my skin, but that comes of after a minute or so and I was too lazy to wait with the picture.
I used 'Safari' #56 (White)
HEMA Top Coat #07 (Transparent)
Maybelline New York Sable Rosé #778 (Chocolatemilk)


A New WOO. Classy Chanel-inspired and a onepiece.
You know you can get the sources here.

And stunning Eniko in Vogue Italia, shot by Greg Kadel.
This is why I love Eniko, no matter what you put on her face, she's still extremely beautiful.

And Milou van Groesen in i-D, shot by Richard Bush.

Saturday, May 7


Happy 200'th post!

Today I made Ibe a banner:
*Click to enlarge.

I created a new WOO.
 LtR, UtD: Source, Source, Source
And two outfits I created with them.

And a HILARIOUS (Well, in my eyes) Gif:
I would love to know the creator.

Thursday, May 5

Some Fails

Since I've got no intentions on creating somethings I'll just post some 'fails' here.
Twiggy compilation.

Background for my phone that turned out boring.

Succish outfit I love the post but you can't design on them.
*Click to enlarge

These didn't fail, but I'll post them.
Brownie with chocolate/white-chocolate-caramel-egg topping.
But, since I baked them for a party on Saturday, I can't wolfe it down right now.

Sunday, May 1

As Promised...

A Healthy snack.
Well, healthier than the last ones...
I like to eat this (Well, without the Fudge and the Rivella, we don't have that at home)
And just like a real food company, I'll illustrate the food with lots of it, nicely put on a plate, but I count the nutrition per miniature portion.
Ps: Put the snack in the oven, the Fudge'll melt and the cinnamon too, and the raisins and the apple get soft. Mmmhm.