Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Friday, December 31

Like Andy

Decided to do some picture-editing to make a picture looks special without doing a lot to it.
(Like Andy Warhol. I don't like his art that much. I do only like that banana. I've got a banana in my background too.)
4 Blondies edited by me.
Clockwise: Lara Stone, Anna Selezneva, Hanne Gaby, Magdalena Frackowiak.

As you can notice I've got an obsession for getting images over-pixely.


I wanted to make the vintage-wallpaper-pattern kinda wallpapery, but still popping.
(I know that grammar isn't correct, please don't tell me again.)
Byebye wallflowermodel.
Wallpaper taken from here.

Wednesday, December 29


Didn't know a title.
Didn't feel like using a 'normal model'

Do not scroll too fast, it'll make you dizzy. Oops.
I think I might use this 'model' again 'cause it's easy to work with.

Monday, December 27

Open your eyes.

Do you notice something?
Do you like it?
I think I have to get used to it.
And if I don't like it then, I'll just change it.

Saturday, December 25

Eveybody is doing it.

Making top-3's of their favorite advertorials.
Not me, I make a top-5.
Proenza Schouler fw"10/11: Ann/Kirby Kenny by Daniel Jackson. Source

BCBG Max Azria f/w"10/11: Marlena Szoka and Marike Le Roux by David Slijper Source

Alberta Ferretti ss"10 (Not really this year, but it was published this year.)
Kasia Struss, Hanne Gaby, Constance Jablonski & Dorothea Barth Jorgensen by Steven Meisel.
Love the expressions on their faces. FuckScrew 'fierce' Source

Fei Fei Sun & Du Juan / Stella Tennant and a kid by Daniel Jackson.
Love Fei Fei, Love the lines in the other picture. Source

Definition of cool:
Alla Kostromichova for Bottega Veneta fw"10/11

Not really having a number one or something, I just love them all.

It's this day, you get the message.

My nailpolish for these days. I could't come up with more things. (Tomorrow I'll show you my snowman/snowflake nails, which are drying atm.)

Friday, December 24


I've never understood polyvore. All the items I liked were cutted ugly.
Can somebody explain to me how to embed? =.='

The Perfect Christmas Card.

All rights by fabulous Marni.

This is why I love, love, LOVE this brand. I love the fibes (Fibes? haha!) of the wrinkled paper and the non-luxyrious-paper-tree-made-luxurious-'cause-of-all-the-colours. Hum. Long word.

Thursday, December 23

Around you.

Bracelets. I always forget to put them on.

Came up with the nutty (and probably already existing) idea of a bracelet, in which you can put little pictures to create your own kind of charmbracelet without charms.
Only €38 because it's half-silver and you have to find images yourself :P

Other, REALLY cool bracelets:
Marni Marni 
Marni, source
Marni jewelery is just sooo pretty *drools*

Both Givenchy. Source
Too awesome and mature to be real. I think if I touch them they'll disapear to outer space, where they came from.

Lanvin Lanvin 
Lanvin. Source
Those diffrent kinds of lizard/snake-skin. This would even look cool on a wedding.

My price's the best, the other designs are MUCH better (':


My cursor was drunk or someting.
It moved by itself. o.0

Yeah, when I started it it looked awesome, but I hate doing patterns, so my pattern doesn't look like Christopher's. And then, the shape just looked tangular, so I made a more skirt-like-bottom.
Didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would.
Margiela glasses turned out weird to, and so did the cartoonish hair.
And the ring looks a little bit like a butterfly. Ew. And you can't see the beetle inside the ring used as brooch.

Wednesday, December 22

Carry it.

My succish bag-designing-skills.

Sorry, it turned out a little bit more asymetric (and smaller) than I thought it would.

December 31st.

Perfect outfit for the last day of the year.
And it's black, so champagne stains won't be noticed easily.

I made a new model. I know it's difficult to draw clothes on a sitting person, but I wanted a challenge.
Ps: Her face reminds me of someone, do you know who?

Monday, December 20

*Gets a stroke*

Okay, I wanted to do a Streetwear versus designer post.
This is what I came up with. I hoped to comfort myself with the thought the designeroutfit would cost the double. But it's 18.24 times as expensive. Do not drop any food on your partyoutfit.

*I know the pieces aren't copies of each other, but the clothing has the same effect.

Streetwear: Necklace, dress, shoes, gloves, panty.

Wich outfit do you prefer?

All I Want For Christmas...

Ladieladielaaa. My favourite shoes atm. (Some of them are fw"10/11, others are ss"11)

Willow: Discovered tomorrow: Love the small heel and the masculine/feminine shape of it. Oh, and buckles of course.
See By Chloé: I don't like sneakers/All Star-like-shoes anymore, but these sweeties are eatable. (Okay, forget that phrase...)
Chloé: EEKS! I"M GOING TO LIKE CHLOÉ! Well, whatever, these sandals just rock your socks off.
Prada: If you're gonna wear these kids to school you'll turn some heads. I love them, they're too quirky to be ugly-quirky (See: Vuitton ss"10 wasn't quirky enough to be pretty.)
Acne: It's a miracle none of the models took a tumble. But that makes them awesome, I think they remind me of the footwear Geishas wore.
Marni: Same story as the Prada-shoes. Too quirky to be ugly. I suppose these shoes are easier to walk than those Acne-shoes.

Note to my readers/scanners: Irene doesn't like high heels. (She likes high-platforms as in Acne ss11 and Céline ss10, but no stiletto's or something.)


Yeah, I know I promised a Luna-outfit, but my eye caught this one.
Willow ss"11
Would look perfect with some Pamela Love-things.

Sunday, December 19

Could be twins

If you squint your eyes.
I think next outfit will be a really Luna-inspired outfit. This one is too normal.

What Woman Want

Too lazy to write anything about it.

Balenciaga & Daisy Knights

First of all, I'll introduce you to my earrings/hairaccesoiries/(sun)glasses model. I'll call her Irene Junior. Not that she looks like me, but I just couldn't think of another name. Haha.

Tadaaa: Irene. I didn't want the face to be too detailed, so I made it a little cartoon-ish.

Balenciaga glasses look awesome with and without glasses in it. But if you're going to spend €297,75 on glasses you're probably not gonna take the glasses out.

Balenciaga sunglasses, Daisy Knights earrings.

Friday, December 17


After 73 posts I finally reached 1000 pageviews! Hooray (:

Thank you for reading/visiting and thanks to lovely Stephanie and other commentors for your sweet words (:

Thursday, December 16


Saves the punch from falling on the floor.

Miu Miu / Prada vibes. Too lazy to write more.
I'll probably won't post tomorrow 'cause I've got a sleepover. Yay :D

Wednesday, December 15

Wait a second.

Or a couple of months, for summer.
(Not that I like summer, it's just the fact that you can't wear my new monsters.)

Do you like?

Arggh. Today my school day was: Free-Free-Lesson-Free-ENORMOUS LUNCH BREAK-Free-Lesson-Lesson-P.E. D:
This Friday we're probably gonna dance with school, as a 'surprise activity' for Christmas. *Pukes* ):

Monday, December 13


Didn't know a title, this is the 70th post, so the post is named 70. :D
I was having a creeper-moment and drawed this baby. (I was too lazy to draw another one, the second shoe always turns out less pretty than the other one...)

I like the price. It says quality, but is still affordable. The fur on the inside was supposed to look cool and desert-boot-like, but it looks like the model hasn't shaved herself. GREAT! :')


For this outfit I was inspired by creepy school kids. (On old, English, private schools.)
And my new 'model' inspired me, 'cause she's creepy to.
And creeper shoes inspired me.

My outfit. (Love those socks!)

Awesome creepershoes.
Alexander Wang,

Sunday, December 12

I want to ride my bicycle.

Last night I decided to create the outfit of one of my posts. It turned out this way:

Total of €4578,57.
Do you like it?

Saturday, December 11

It's hard.

Note to myself: You can't design patterns.

Happy Holidays II

I got back my -well, it's not 'hate' but it's a kinda sarcasm about Christmas. A fest about being a good person and then, we just start binge-eating.
Very fair to the people 'in Africa'
So I decided to make a non-christmass-y card for Christmas. No fake over-green trees, enourmous shiny red balls, no gold, no over-eating.
Just a Christmasdinner with Cola, Fries, a Sandwich and Pizza. Everyone likes it so  you don't have to pretend you love the lobster-crab-salad-with-caviar-and-eatable-gold-and-other-expansive-crapfood-.
Not that the foods pictured on this card are responsibily.
Like it?
Oh and the lack of post can be caused by my lack of time. I had got three tests in the last two days of the week, and Next week I'll have another two in the first two days of the week. Hooray for my teachers =.='

Monday, December 6

Give me cash.

Givenchy via Luisaviaroma. Givenchy can do no wrong, can only make brilliant clothing.
I would wear this with a leather jacket (If I win a million I'll also buy a Rick Owens or Burberry leather jacket.), perfect jeans, awesome boots.

Burberry Rick Owens 
Burberry, Rick Owens
Superfine Christian Louboutin 
Superfine, Louboutin

Individual Inspiration


Source Metal Magazine
I love the Grey Mouse look and the anarchist attitude.

The Matrix, I love the trilogy, the thought of 'not having your own life/thoughtsm just being part of a machine' and someone breaking out of it.

Source Vogue Paris, Freja Beha
She looks like the perfect wife, that does whatever needed to help her husband.
Such an ironic role for Freja I think.

Source Vogue Paris, Aline Weber.
I love the really provocating way of dressing. A sweater as pants.
(Don't think of me as perv, I dó wear pants.)

Source Vogue Italia
Always striking/doing her own way Kristen McMenamy, phtographed by Steven Meisel.
Love the infamous editorial.

Source Acne SS11
First I didn't like this collection at all.
But when you stare at it it's just brilliant.
Those shoes are nuts. Perfect.

My inspiration for today. School has started after a short weekend and I needed to make this post. I'm getting sick of school doing all the same reproduction-thingies, on and on and on.
And today, the only subject that does make sense was canceled and I only had nonsense subjects.
+ The fact that our English teacher gave me and the other half of the class detention. Hooray =.='