Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, October 21

Happy Birthday To Me...

Yaay! Birthday! Hooray! So guys: Remember October 21st. So, for that reason I'm making an -for me- ENORMOUS! Post. Enjoy =D

First of all:
First of all: A little graph, which has -I don't know why- shrunk to a miniscule graphic. Annoying Paint! CAN I EVER TRUST THOU AGAIN!? -Answer: Yes of course, what else should I use besides paint? Gimp?-

And then: Ratapapapaa: (*Drums, you know*)
My outfit, yaay! =.=' Just simple, but requested.

Yaay. Well, in black-withe (First three ;P) couse my computer messed up the colours =.='
ON MY BIRTHDAY! My computer hates me! D:
Sweater: H&M (Döhh) Blue
Pants: C&A Dark Blue
Shoes: Bristol Black/Silver
Ring: Erhm, Dunno anymore, I bought it with my aunt Silver
Belt: My granny gave it to me *Yay* Blue/Metalic.
Yeah, I dress like all my fellow teenage-girls.

I've got a new mobile phone: Say hello to:

Samsung Star Mini Black Sammy! =D

And last: Inspiration.
Yeah, my inspiration succs. 
(Ylonka verheul) Source:

(Ranya Mordanova) Source

 (?) Source

 (Daiane Conterato) Source

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    wtf ik zie geen foto's van je mobiel. xd
    en jippeeh Ylonka :D