Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, June 30

Monday, June 27

On This Warm Day...

Yugh, I'm so tired and a week filled with tests is coming. Eeek!
I decided to make a simple dinner.
Mai Tai. Yes, simple, but summer-y.

(Add those green things nobody likes to make it look more real)

And again, add those green things nobody likes to make it look more expensive.

Bon Appetit.

Saturday, June 25

Shoot a Lion

This Lion, not a real one ♥
(Ps, I don't like 'Lions')

I tried a new outfit, which looked cool in my head but turned out weird when I drew it. I hate that.
The vest is supposed to be like goat-wool-y soft kashmir etc. but it looks metallic and not flowy at all.Yugh. And the shorts look cheep.

Aaaand. I'm obsessed with the Prada ss12 Men's show. It's so quirky. Luxury-Prada being a golfcaddy/dad-on-a-lawn/rock-a-billy etc. It gives me pastel suburban vibes and makes me wonder what the woman's collection is going to look like.
Ps. Go check the music of the show, it's so right for this collection. I've listened it for like 4hours, non-stop. Woops.

Pictures via Vogue UK.

My 'extra' look. I love it how men's designers can make shorts/bermudas look cool on men. Because most men who wear shorts look like they're on vacation and the Prada/Vuitton/Lanvin-dude looks like he's making zillions of money on a Segway.
I copied the print right into my drawing, sorry Miucci, you're better at this.

Friday, June 24

Eat Your Heart Out.

I tried to make a real-real recipe, incluiding the baking temperature and some real ingredients. I've got no Ide if this works, but I googled for recipes with cake with stuff in it and then thought about it. I guess you'll just have to check the oven a 1000 times to be sure your cake isn't going to explode/turn into a zombie.

Wednesday, June 22


Damnit, I can't upload pictures...
So I'll spam you with pictures I liked today.

I stumbled upons this:
I can't even concentrate on who they are, I just keep watching.

And I'm obsessed with this:
WHAT THE (Insert uncool word) IS THAT BEAR EATING?
I've been wondering like two hours or something. Anybody, help me, please!

And I fell in love with Jil Sander fw'11 and Daria Strokous. (Strokous is such a funny lastname. But 'Button' still is my favorite lastname.)
Daria Strokous by Willy Vanderperre. Via.

Tuesday, June 21


Azure. Say it out loud a hundred times and it sounds so ridiculous.
(Lizard print by M.C. Escher.)

Monday, June 20

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These...

New header, because I dreamt of seeing apples through the water and there was something written on them (Forgot what was written on them, but you get the point.)

And Ibe's outfit, turned into some sort of drawing.
Ibe, I'm sorry for ruining your skirt.

Sunday, June 19


Oh my, I'm such a bad blogger.
I'm just tired and not feeling like doing a thing. And I'm still disappointed by the fall collections, so there isn't much fashion in me.
I'll tell you 'bout my week.
Well, this was last, last week actually, I made this for a friend. The text says 'Congratulations, name' And it are all pieces of chocolate. And underneath it is also chocolate.

And I went shopping with my aunt, buying this bag, it's plastic, but it's square-ish and it feels nice and I like the top. (It forms like a cylinder, omg I love that word.) And it was cheap (: Sorry for the bad quality.

And I drolled over these:
Reed Krakoff Reed Krakoff Reed Krakoff 
By Reed Krakoff. I think he's going to be one of my favorite designers.
I just love the quirky simplicity.

And I made a new meal. I'm sorry for being more into 'creating' food than I'm into fashion atm. I'm so stubborn for letting one season ruin my fashion appetite.
And I fell in love with this Givenchy ad.
Jaquelyn Jablonski, pthotgraphed by Willy Vanderperre. I don't really like the model, or the way the advertorial is looking, I like the composition of the make-up, the basic typefront and the colours in the picture. The striking dark blue VS the soft pink, bloodred and vanilla-ish yellow.

Oh, and I've got a new floor (As you can see in the bag-picture) and new walls and two new lamps and I love it. (:

I'll try to post more, I promise!

Saturday, June 11

Something Dinner-y

Yes, I did it. Something you actually have to cook.
And I did something with spaghetti, as requested by Stephanie.
I hope you like it. Because, well, the recipe is simple, and not verry original, but I liked the idea of spaghetti meets cheese meets egg meets veggies.
And wrap some of the left-over spaghetti around your omelette to make it look less Monday-y, and more sunday-y.
Oh, and I was tired because of Pfeiffer's disease, but I'm doing well at the moment.
Off to my aunt for the weekend ♥

Friday, June 10


Those letters make a nice combination.
Sorry for not posting for a long time, again.
I'm just way too tired ):

Monday, June 6

That Versace bag is by far the cutest bag on earth/in the universe. I just want it in petrol O:

And the inspiration behind it.
Strolling along a shop-where-they-sell-icecream.
Shouting 'Barbie'.
Eating sizzling candy.

Sunday, June 5

Make me happy.

Shopping does.
What I bought Wednesday. The shawl is to wrap around the sunhat.
Hat €14,99. Shawl €2,95. Blouse €15,00. Wallet €8,95. Shorts (To wear underneath a skirt/as pyjamas) €4,95.
Decided to make some vintage-y card with it.
(Top: ZOI via Shoeby, Skirt: H&M, Sunhat with shawl: V&D/H&M)
Added: Victoria Beckham Sunglasses, YSL Ring. (Via Net-a-porter.)
(Sorry for the crappy quality)
(P.S. Yell some food and I'll try to make something with it.)

Friday, June 3

The Stars Are My Limit

The Sky Is Yours.Something I think doesn't make sense, but sounds amazing.I'll try to post some outfits with the inspiration behind them. #ONE.Tumblr_llvyktajnp1qj8sn4o1_500_large 
This made me think of the boots and the watch, a nutty princess running around in her garden. And add a rabit who says 'I'm late!'
This made me think of the dress, the coat and the bag. The dress speaks for itself. The coat made me think of someone stading in the rain, on the moon. The bag just fitted with the outfit.

Thursday, June 2


I would love to eat this.
Everybody wants to barbeque with this weather, but I don't like meat, so that means Ill eat bread with garlicsauce like a madman, which results in me having a bad breath.
I do like the salads and the icecream :D
Here I'll post my turns on classic recipes.
I like caesar-salad without the dressing. (I do not like the McDonalds salad, that one is way too salt.)
And as you might notice, I've got a pickle-goat-cheese-fetish. 
Classic. Mandarins/Oranges+Apples+Carrotjuice=Summer drink. It just fills so damn fast. 
No, not really escargots, I don't want you to die. They just look like snails.