Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Monday, November 29


Don't mind the silly title.
I decided to 'create' a perfume.Hooray.
'Marron': Cinnamon, pear, vanilla, orange, and 'love'. Just some fragrances I like.
'Marron' means 'brown' in french (Warm brown, ugly, vague, grey brown is just 'brun')
I think I like the kinda flower thing with diamonds to the top of the bottle.

Good girls.

Too lazy to write anything about it. Find it out yourself :P

Sunday, November 28


This afternoon I decided to make a 'moodboard 'dans une cahier''. I was too lazy to scan a real life paper, so I made it on my dear computer.
I hope you can read my handwriting, bur I think you can.
Really original theme.


Stars and lack of stripes.

Yesterday I started this ourfit, deleted all of it and this morning I started again.
I was inspired by the sky in the night for the tights. And I wanted a cardigan/sweater wrapped around the model's shoulder. And I wanted a lace top and buckle boots. All put together it looks like this:
I love how the boots turned out. And the panty.

Saturday, November 27

It's gonna be a white summer.

My favourite ss"11 looks.
Gareth Pugh: I always love Pughs lack of colour and lack of 'Monkey See, Monkey Do.' this collection is what Pugh stands for: Futuristic and original.
Jil Sander: Labeled as 'best show of the season' by lots of people. For me it was just the pallette: (Well, my favourite look doesn't show that, but whatever...) Bright, speaking colours and lots of white.
Marni: All time favourite. I loved those swimmingcaps, brilliant idea. And I've got a weak spot for Marni jewelery.

Alexander Wang: The ss"10 show made me start loving mister Wang. His collections stay stong and city-like. (I've never loved the 'New York Style', but this is awesome.)
Céline: Minimalist on it's maximum. Loved the leather dresses and tops. I didn't like the pants underneath the dresses and skirts, but that makes the looks more mature in a strange way.
Clavin Klein: Loved the colours and the fact that Daphne Groeneveld opened. I'm not sure if those shoes can take you to the mall, but they look like liquorice.
Givenchy: Also an all-time favourite.I loved the -in my opinion- medival-looking hair, (My hair is unfortunatly not long enough to make this hairdo ): ) and the sheer-pannels and flowing dresses.
Stella McCartney: The (in)famous fruitprint. I love it. It's flashy and kinda 80's and youthfull and quirky. I think Freja is the right person to show this outfit.
Ann Demeulemeester: Ann did what she usually does and I love that.
Rick Owens: His collection reminded me of goddesses. I loved the funny and yet so serious make-up/headwear, and these shoes are just awesome. From a distant the flapper-things look like spikes. If you come closer, you'll see it's just leather.

Over all: Lots of white, sheer and long skirts this season.
Source: Vogue UK

Flowers for Christmas

Today the first snow fell around our house. HOORAY! Unfortunatly I have to cycle to school every day. Through snow. Yuck.
Another christmaspost. It's a look inspired by the famous Erdem ss11 dress, the red one with the 'flowerlaceandtransparentthingy'.
Me personally, I love the wedges I've drawed. Haha.
And, beware, readers. I'm gonna use this 'model' more times than just once. (I could post the 'naked' model on the blog, but it looks like some creepy mannequin in a shop. (I don't like mannequins in a shop, so you won't see the model without make-up and hair and clothes.) I just like her pose.

Thursday, November 25

"The Bomb"

I've never liked Victor & Rolf (Except for that show with the clownsy look) but I adore this ad for their most famous perfume.
Lovely Isabeli Fontana, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh.

Wednesday, November 24

Put a smile on it too.

Bored and decided to make another christmas post. Maybe I'm even going to like christmas. But I like red and green and this is the only time of the year you can combinate those colours without being labeled as "Nuts".
I don't recommend wearing this make-up to your anual family-christmas dinner. Grandma's probably won't like red eye make-up because that makes your face pale (Well, Personally, I don't like having a tan.) and makes you look a little ill (When you have the wrong shade of red.) I decided to take red eyeshadow because I think of "Red" when I think of christmas and love and family and warmth and food.  Because the red is really popping I would take a nude lipstick.
I might create more christmas looks. I think I like doing it.

For me, this christmas I will just wear mascara (If I want to) personally I'm not into make-up. I just like to see other people with awesome make-up. (No squid-eyes or over-epilated eyebrows or too dark lippencil, like all the students in my school.)

The model was actually supposed to look like Mirte. But again, it won't look like the person I want my graphic/drawing to look like.

Tuesday, November 23


First of all: I've got an enormous vendetta agains the typeface 'Comic Sans MS' Don't you ever dare to use it in front of me. (:
Secondly (And what this post is probably about) Inbetween my studying German I made a new typefront, inspired by my all time favourite typefront 'MS Mincho'
I started with the lines around the text, the lines are build up from a thousend of O's. (Well, thousend....)
Do you like it? Do we have people that like Comic Sans MS/ What's their favourite typefront?

Smells like teen spirit

I love Dior/Galliano's way of thinking: That fresh, energetic, youthful aura that surrounds Galliano's collections.
Well, I also found something fun to do.
Find out which fragrance suits you.
I'm Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau, or Escale à Pondichery Eau de Toilette

Source.                                                                                        Source

The problem is that I consider perfumes as too expensive + You only smell them when you wear too much of it. (Teachers are often recognised by their perfume, that makes it more easy to gossip about them and notice when they're standing behind you. Their perfumes will prevent uncomfortable moments.)

Monday, November 22

Put a ring on it~

Never got those lyrics, but whatever...
I was just randomly drawing rings and came up with a 'Christmas 2010 Collection'
And to make it even more 'random'  I decided to give it all a price. Haha!
-Irene's humor-

Haha'I know I've used this hand before, but then with the nails to the bottom of the image.
Now I've turned the image, the hand looks kinda broken. Woops.

Bombshell overload.

Eniko for Russh Magazine, photographed by Benny Horne, Styled by Stevie Dance.
Finally some other people sharing my Eniko-obsession, couse Russh magazine shows a lot of photos of Eniko, in which she all looks completely diffrent. Eniko is iconic!
I adore the photo with her belly exposed, and the one with the panter-dress. Eniko is something diffrent then the mouses that are photographed these days. Hooray!

Source / Russh

Sunday, November 21

Like A TRUE Star

Eniko Mihalik, Photographed by Greg Kadel, styled by Elizabeth Sulcer.
Source/Vogue italia.

Love, Love, Love. Eniko's mature features are showing of perfectly in this luxe editorial.
Perfect clothing, perfect model, perfect whatever.


Me failing in drawing a model.
I guess I'll never learn it, but I still like it, My Magdalena looks a little bit like Alix from BNTM.

Fei Fei Fei Fei Fei

Fei Fei not looking cute in an editorial:

Fei Fei Sun, photographed by Hugh Lippe, Styled by Melissa Klitzke-Rubini
Oakazine magazine.

Wait, she still looks cute. I love Fei Fei's face ;D


Get in the mood.

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas. I like to wear my best clothes and eat an enormous amount of food and see my family again. But I don't really like the christmastrees, all of the annoying songs (except that one of Mariah Carey, the fact that everybody pretends to be a good person because it is Christmas and the fact that my family always wants to walk in the forest, even when your toes/nose/limbs are freezing off.
Tip: Ask money for christmas, so you can maybe, maybe, maybe buy these clothes next year.

Saturday, November 20

Blondes & Minimalism

Haha' Today's fabulous Saturdaymorning, I edited my 'favourites in fashion'. And I'm kind enough to share them with you. Mmhmm! Enjoy...
Agree? Disagree? Inspired? Your favourites? Tell me. (:

Btw: For school I need to take pictures of my life. Anyone ideas what to photograph?

Thursday, November 18

If I would be a superhero...

This would be my costume.
Laser goggles.
Lava-proof top/skirt.
(With a lasergun in the pocket, Dôhh)
Really cool shoes that will fly like rockets.

I've got no Idea who to save, or what to do. But I would still look awesome, huh?
Any ideas for another outfit to draw?

Time left?

I'm looking for a watch. I don't know if I do really care about 'What time is it?" but a watch just looks really clever. Like "I don't wear shallow things like bracelets, I wear a watch, that means I'm really clever".
*Conversation going on inside my head*

I guess it will be the Swatch one. The others are out of my budget. I prefer the cheap one.

Wednesday, November 17

If I would own a diary, it would look like this:

Complete nonsense-post. But whatever. I just felt like drawing a book for 'personal feelings'.
Unfortunatly, it looks like a scouting-journal. Yippee-Yay.
(And yes, there's a hair sticking out on the bottom, but that's because I'm always reading with my nose 'on the paper', when I turn the page, my hairs get stuck.)
*Compensating the lack of post last week*

"Cat in the pocket"

*Don't mind my silly blogtitles.

Today I drawed another graphic for you. And I wanted it cartoon-ish, so it isn't that blurred. (Is that a good excuse for me not to blur - I can't blur equally D: -?) Whatever.
I hope you can see it's a woman, seen from the side...

I like new things

Today I designed a new banner.
I'm not sure if I like it...

Tuesday, November 16


Long time, no see...
My testweek is finished (for something like 4 days already, but... Whatever)
Today I made a 'Happy-Holiday-Card' for the elle contest.
This is my card:

*Click to Enlarge (Dutch)
The Dutch words on the left are some sentences about "0,0000001% of the costs of this card will be donated to WarChild"

Friday, November 5

Mindblower I

Taken from The Sartorialist, Love her expression and the way she's wearing that really tricky shirt under an kinda poncho *Gasps* with a glove on her head!
And all of that with a cute expression. Brilliant.

Thursday, November 4

Today's Mind.

The photos Irene loved today.

Hanne Gaby, Marcel (LL) Source
 (Interview, November 2010)

Irina Lazareanu, for Lanvin pour H&M


Iekeliene Stange (LL) for Harpers Bazaar Spain November 2010.

"Joy" (Newfaces) Source

Naomi Preizler,
Chantal Stafford-Abbot, Flair November 2010.

Tomek -Difficult last name-
Esquire Spain. Source

Next week is filled with tests, so I'll post less -Even more less- than usually.