Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Monday, February 28


Today I designed the first outfit and a logo for my 'brand' Haha!

Beige/Green/Blue leather jacket and skirt. No I don't want it to be leather, I want it to be some kind of thick fabric, some kind of non-fluffy tweet, more like thick bathingsuit with hair or something. (Yeah, sounds fun to wear, huh? Not :D )

And my 'logo'
I'm not that much into fancy-fancy-luxury-luxury stuff anymore, so I thougt a really pretty, golden logo thing wouldn't fit to my thoughts, so I came up with this. A bitch-sandwich logo. Which turned out into a face, which is also awesome. (And no, I'm not a satanist, a pentagram also stands for Pythagoras, Golden mean, perfection and femininity.
And I named the brand 'Irene' (I don't know if that name already exists, but my brand is fake and imaginairy, so that doesn't really matter I think, maybe over ten years when things might get serious I'll come up with a good name.)

Zomg. Long blablabla.

Sunday, February 27

Cherry Coke

My inspiration. Haha!


Yeah. Most of the fall11/12 shows are disappointing. Maybe I'll understand them later.
For now, my three favorites this far. (With exception of the Rodarte jumper, I realise) .
(?, Jac Jagaciak (?), Valerija Kelava)

First did them on paper, then coloured with Gimp. I think I like the effect.

Friday, February 18

Double D.

Dutch Daphne. Or Something. Didn't know a better title (':
Tried again to draw Daphne, Failed again.
*By the time I had to do the ears and hair I didn't feel like it anymore, so those pieces (and the turtleneck and the ehm. -where are they- eyebrows) are a little bit sloppy.
Backstage at Jason Wu, via Model's Of the Minute.

Btw: From Saturday till ehm. Saturday or so I'll be on vacation. Au revoir ♥

Thursday, February 17


Hmm. Another show I hoped to be better.
Proenza Schouler fw11/12. Only two looks blew my mind.
The two looks I liked + Hanne Gaby et Melissa.
Images: Vogue UK.
And I did another really, really quick sketch, focusing on the coat and trouser. (Not on Mirte, the shoes or the rest as you can see (': )

Wednesday, February 16


Today I made a high-fashion versus streetstyle thingy again.
Take a look and think out loud: "OMG."
With streetstyle total not even close to the high-fashion average, I think those high-fashion things should have a quality that should get through a nucleair war.

Some prices aren't completely correct, because they were USD or EP.

Monday, February 14

New Season II

First of all: New lay-out, do you like it?

Secondly: I did also made a list of models I'm not really fond of yet, but who I consider as 'awesome, just don't know them'. And I'm going to know which shows they're going to walk, which magazines, which brands. Hmm.
Valerija Kelava, Arizona Muse, Ann Kenny, Kirsi Pyrhonen.

And finally: Made something collage-y.
Hmm. Poor Siri turned out a little weird.

Saturday, February 12


Bomberjacket, I think it's called.
Every time I opened it, it seemed smaller. ):

Backstage at Prada fw0910

Today's outfit, and the shoes I bought for €7,00.
(Btw: Thursday I also bought a coat for €9,00. I love January sales, even when it's February)

New Season...

New things (Trying)
I found my 'ArtRage Starter Edition' back. It's an amazing -but really difficult and frustrating- drawing programme, that makes your drawings look like real drawings.
But the brushes and pens are too difficult to handle for me.
So here you've got Jason Wu fw11/12.
And the pen-and-paper-drawing.

Btw, yesterday it was also a year ago McQueen passed away.

Btw, Jason was the best show I've seen yet.

Thursday, February 10

My Valentine

Dear God, today I saw her on net-a-porter's 'what's new' as a 'new this season'
It's like Marni meets Proenza Schouler meets McQueen and that's like OMGAMAZINGCANTTAKEMYEYESOFF.

Tuesday, February 8

Hmm. Still too lazy and too much school to make an awesome post.
So I'll post about a vampire at Jil Sander ss"11. (':

Monday, February 7

▲Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson (?)

Let's say I'm not in a "Last-minute-panic-mood"
I like that triangle. ▲ Weird. Inspirational.

Sunday, February 6


Wanted to do something spring-y.
Never thought I would like something of JC this much. But I have to say: I adore this bracelet.
I think I've got addicted to making outfits this way. (:

Lazy Sunday

What I did to day besides my homework:

Designing an ugly cocktaildress:
She looks 'fat' (Well, still skinny as hell, but fatter than a drawn doll should look)

Designing an ugly, boring combination with a Prada ss"11 printed top:
The semi-transparant top turned out. Erh. Terrible?

Designing make-up I'll never use:
(With lit and without)

Saturday, February 5


Paintings by Frida Kahlo.

Sweet, fruity summer vibes. I like to look at it, not to wear it.

Opposites II

The other side of this morning's post.
The maximalist-side.
It didn't turn out as glamourous/striking/fierce as I wanted to. But I guess I'm not used to making outfit with bright colours.

Hmm. IMO, I'm a better minimalist. (':

Opposites I

I was planning on creating a minimalistic look (Well, the way I interpretend 'minimalism') and an maximalistic(?) look. (:
This is the minimalistic look:

Calfskin Silvana Top Handle: Fendi
Leather belt: Ann DeMeulemeester
Leather Skirt: A.L.C.
Leather Top: The Row
Derby Lace-Up Leather Boots: See By Chloé

Don't look at the hilarious legs/arms/hands, please.

Thursday, February 3


I love manga. My favorites are Nana and One Piece.
And today I drew my version of a Manga-head-thingy. (Because I borrowed a manga-book of a teacher, and this is her 'Thank you')
The head, and a close-up of the eyes.

Tuesday, February 1


Hmm. In my head and in RL this outfit looked cool. When I drew it it looked weird and cheap.
I wanted to do an off-duty-model-like-look.
I guess it has something to do with the skirt.