Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Tuesday, August 30


I tried to copy a runwaylook. I failed at finding a matching purse. (And I hate hats, so I didn't look for a hat, haha)
(And damn, ties are expensive! I mean 2cm of fabric for €20,-?)
Topshop, WE (man), H&M (man), H&M, Zara, Vila (Via Wehkamp), Manfield.

I realized I actualy liked the tacky, boyish, 80-ish, snooker-ish collection of Dolce&Gabanna fw'11. I wish brogues looked cool on me.
Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana 
€245,-, via Net-a-porter. I mean: Since when do I admire sparkly pants?

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana 
And those earrings are too cute.
€216,79 via Net-a-porter.

I need new shoes, what kind of shoes should I buy?

Sunday, August 28

Pardon Me

I'm sorry for not posting as much as I want to.
Everything I've got in my head turns out terrible ):
Was supposed to be very cute and cheeky. Looks ordinary. Argh.

Thursday, August 25

Old Bread Isn't Bad.

Crappy title. Sorry for not posting a couple of days, I had plenty of ideas but when I tried to 'put them on paper' they seemed really weird and ugly and they didn't turn out the way I wanted them to.

A couple of days ago, we ate french toast for lunch, and it inspired me to do some sort of french-toast-bavarois, but I couldn't find nice pictures of french toast and a glass, so I decided to draw it all myself. This is the result:
I know the roasted marshmallow looks poisonous, but everybody knows that a good marshmallow looks like a freaking mushroom. (:
I hope the recipe is clear, though.

And the amount of hairy fashion is getting on my nerves. Every time you watch tv you see spots about woman being happy a product removed the hair from their legs/armpits/downunder, and then fashion gives them all the hair back. I don't get it. The only thing furry should be a fur coat.
Miu Miu Miu Miu, Via.
It looks like an icebear-cow combination.
3.1 Phillip Lim 3.1 Phillip Lim 3.1Phillip Lim, Via.
(iPad case made out of rabbit. Am I the only one thinking this is hi-la-ri-ous?)
Anna Sui Anna Sui, Via.
€363,27 for a kitty-dressup-kit.
Maison Martin Margiela Maison Martin Margiela, Via.
Looks like his wig-coat, but then a little less freaky. It still looks like hair though.

But it's warm, and I guess that's what count because this fall there were a lot of bare legs on the runway, I think those people need a furry overdose to compensate or something.

Sunday, August 21

Sweet Honey.

An outfit I made up, inspired by a painting in the Groninger Museum.

And I was too stupid to write down the name of the artist. Sorry artist.
And you can guess which fall'11 show inspired the shape of the dress.

And I made a new BBQedible. (I decided to call it that way because it's perfect for eating outside, but it's no 'real food')

Friday, August 19

Museums and something less mature.

I went to the zoo with my grandmother and grandfather and was inspired by all the animals and colors and plants and had an effing great time and today I went with my other grandmother to the Groninger Museum, which inspired me too.
And both made me extremely tired in a good way (:

Oh, and since my mobile phone takes crappy photos I edited the photos so much it doesn't matter anymore. Kehkeh.

Iris van Herpen

Marga Weimans

Alon Levin

Victor & Rolf (?)
I had a great week (:
And thursday I bought new glasses.

Oh, and something less mature:
The Sims3. My favorite house ever. I have like 100 of these in my 'neighbourhood' (Which is called 'Irenetown', haha!)

The bottom images are the floorplans.

Sunday, August 14

Shopping, Smelling, Shopping.

What I bought a couple of days ago, all at C&A.
Coat: €59,00/Sandals €12,50/Heels €29,00.
Cheap. Yay.
Actually, I bought the shoes a couple of weeks ago, but the file got lost. (: 
And some kind of quirky perfume smelling like stuff I like.
I'm thinking about asking Bvlgari's Mon Jasmin Noir for my birthday this year, but it's like even more expensive than this perfume. :/

And I would wear this ring with the perfume:
Lanvin Lanvin Lanvin 
Lanvin, via Net-à-porter.

Friday, August 12

Outfit, Paradox

Outfit by me. Duh.

Jil Sander Jil Sander 
Jil Sander Jil Sander Jil Sander 
Jil Sander via Net-a-Porter.
And then: How does it come that I like something that is ORANGE? I means: Orange, that colour is so, well, wannabe, it's not yellow, it's not red it's, well inbetween. I don't know. I just don't like orange.
I love the shape and texture of this dress. I want to wear it and cross my arms and make cute folds in the wool-fabric.