Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Wednesday, September 29

Give me a swimmingcap !!!

Genious-ness again!
Give me a swimmingcap, a cool coat and scary, really scary skinny legs and I would be happy.
Even though it's almost freezing and I don;t get the shoes ;3
But that doesn't matter. It just looks really awesome.

Freja Beha opened and Daphne Groeneveld (?) closed.

Sunday, September 26

Prada SS"11

Whooo, Prada does it again.
> The first time I see it I think: "Miucci is a genious"
> The second time I think: "What the Hell? I don't get it!"
> The third time I think: "Hmmm, those pieces are awesome"
> And then I think "Miucci is a genious!"

source, and the sartorialist ( written under the pictures)

Haha' Well, sorry for posting it this late, but I found HQ images (Which blogger simply ruins =.=") Friday, and didn't finish it then, and on Saturday I didn't have time...
Enjoy, what do you think? I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those quirky shoes with those enormous rubber (?) soles.

Thursday, September 23

Patterns SS11 NY//London

Source, Click to Enlarge.
Mmhhmm, not much patterns this season, especially not in NY. Well, I can still find enough inspiring patterns, so here are my favourites.
NY (Top 2 rows) showed geometrical patterns in mostly black/white/brown/blue (ALERT! please notice this awseome head-pattern at Betsey Johnson), while London (Bottom two rows) showed colourfull flowers, by my masters of prints -Christopher Kane and Erdem- and mostly warm colours.

I hate that I didn't see much patterns this season, but Whatever, patterns always look awesome on models and look horrible on me. Stupid models.


HOORAY! Today I found out one of my favourite newcomers (Big lips, blue eyes, long blonde hair, cool kinda eyebrows, killer walk) has become Top-10 Newcomer of SS11!
A Hundred hoorays to Daphne Groeneveld, with her adorable lips!
Btw: She's just 15! Of course that happens a lot in the fashion world, but still, like you (I ;D) have a classmate flying off to Miland for MiuMiu FW10 Advertising or SS11 Runwayshows! Unbelievable!

All images from

And I discoverd today's Newfaces is also a Dutchy, and I love her, her name is Felien Bergman, ready to go to Milan. (Eyyy! That rhimes xD)
Source, Source:

London Fashion Week, My Favourites (Yet?)

Haha' With me being too lazy to really search when a fashion week ends I dunno if I've seen most of the shows, but these are my favourites yet.

1. Burberry Prorsum, Since the quality of my image is completely gone because of Blogger or paint, you can't see the perfectness of this outfit. I love the gold/green studs on the shoulders of the jacket, in combination with the high-detailed belt. I do only not like the shoes.

2. Erdem. Does this need further explenation? No. Perfect proportions, feminine, nude make-up (Irene LOVES nude make-up), casual hair, dark background with flowers, awesome runway itself, but again, I'm not really fond of those shoes.

3. Matthew Williamson, it reminded me a little of Burberry Prorsum's collection last year. A kinda draped lilac dress with a belt, which I loved too. I've got a weekness for most drapings, and I love the minth-ish colour combinated with the cognac-y belt and shoes.

4. Basso & Brooke. I LOVE THE PRINT AND SHAPE OF THE DRESS! The print looks like a combination of a photo and some kind of old painting old friends of our family have on their cookie jar. It reminds me of clouds and of the sun and of terracotta. One word: LOVE

5. Betty Jackson. I've never been really interested in her collections, but I was surprised by this one.
I love the sunglasses, the blouse, the skirt, the shoes, the styling, the colours. Everything. I think I love platforms. (exept stilleto's). The only thing I don't like are the model's scary skinny legs.

Bahaa' Did I bore you? I'm sorry ;P
Do you guys also like this lay-out?

Source catwalkimages:

Monday, September 20

Dazed & Confused, Kirsi Pyrhonen

Kiiirsiii !!!

I do seriously love this Finnish girl, Top-10 Newcomer in April 2010. I think I can be almost completely sure that she'll be in my top-4 models once. Really soon, I mean I lover her cheekbones and eyebrows. (And believe me, that's a miracle! I hate eyebrows.) and ofcourse I like the way she walks ;3

But well, enough of my blablabla about another girl I'm obsessed with;
Kirsi Pyrhonen, shot by Sharif Hamza, Styled by Karen Langley.
Oh, and BTW: I love Dazed&Confused.

Chanel aw rtw 2010/2011 ~ Graphic

Haha' I do always wonder why fashion can do so difficult about 'fall/winter' and ''normal' clothes' vs 'couture'. But, whatever...
I made a graphic, based on a stardoll face, im.a.nerdje, who had won a little challenge and came up with the idea of herself wearing Chanel, combined with a little 'emo'/'scene'.
Unfortunatly you can't see much of that in this graph, I'm sorry ;D

Image at

Sunday, September 19

NYFW, My Favorites

Haha' My little train of thoughts brought me to create my top-5 (Haha, it became a top-6, but whatever!) of favorite runwaylooks of NYss"11
`1. I love the colours (Lack of colours FTW!) And the bra/bikinitop because I don't know if it's a bra or a bikini-top/ I love the skirt because I don' t know how it really is because of the tule(?) over it.
`2. LOVE THE CARDIGAN! LOVE THE BAG! I love Cognac coloured leather, even when it looks so wanna-be on me. Those shoes are also really awesome.
`3. THAT TOP! THAT TROUSERS! THAT ENSEMBLE! Haha' Noeh, I love the colours and the make-up and I love Bregje, and those shoes look awesome and clean (Haha! Clean shoes, you know?) And I like polkadots. I dunno why. That's why I like this look.
'4. THAT BAG! FRIGGIN LOVE ON THE FIRST SIGHT! And then the fact that she's just wearing a really short skirt under a big cardigan/jacket. And that little see-through(?) top. LOVELOVELOVE.
'5. I had never heard of this dude untill last week or something. I love the fresh, clean luxury. The collection makes me want to walk ont he 'boulevard' even thought I hate walking.
'6. LOVE THAT PRINT! Love the lipstick! I like the simple hair and those Mary-Jane-like shoes. And I love the neckline and the simple black+white+red+somethingnude-ish.
Haha' Maybe I was a little bit influenced by my sweet Hanne Gaby. (Mwah, I just liked the clothes, it's just superduperawesome she's wearing them ;P) And little Bregje Heinen, which (/who? I dunno ;D) I do really like too.
I think Wes Gordon was really surprising, I love those green shoes, the way they just coer the toes and then stop. (Haha' Did you get something from that phrase? Yes? YOU"RE A GENIOUS!)
And normally I don´t like DVF because she´s so erhm, I dunno, like Anna Sui, I don´t like that label too. =D
Well, do you like any of these? (Or perhaps you like the lay-out?) Comment!

Jeezz, long post xD I congratulate (Is that spelled right?) you if you read all of this. (L")
Jeezz2. I used the word 'Love' too many times. I have to say 'Like' ;D

First Post / Eniko

Dear Readers, Lovely Followers, Bitches, Well; Whatever.

Ellouh, I'm Irene and I'm 14 and I love art, fashion, drawing and more things like that.
On this blog you'll find most of my work from now on, which will be much I hope :3
I also love sites like My nickname is reenyyy . Which I don't like anymore, I made it sóóó long ago. It was like Irene--> Ireny-->Reenyyy. I dunno why my nickname has three y's.
Enough blablabla: My first graphic on my new blog! :3

I tried to draw Eniko Mihalik, My FAVOURITE MODEL. I mean, I love everything about her, even her voice, and I hate most of the models' voices. =D
Enjoy. -And, I know it doesn't look like her, but I can still pretend this was the fist time drawing her. Haha!

Oh, and don't mind my "PERFECT!" English please =D