Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Friday, July 22


Sorry for not posting for like a decade.
When I started my vacation I was like 'Yaya! All day to be inspired and create things!' But instead I felt tired and wanted to do absolutely nothing.
And tomorrow I'll go on vacation for three weeks, so I won't post then either.
I'm sorry. Please enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, July 13

The Italian Job.

By a Dutchman.
I though I should create a pizza with diffrent ingredients, but it turned out as a normal Margerita with a diffrent base. Whatever. I did also made a gif from it.
Wikipedia's words about 'ontbijtkoek'.

Hmm, Didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Whatever.

And to keep the fashion in my blog, wear it with these:
Monica Vinader Monica Vinader 
Monica Vinander earrings via net-a-porter.
(Dutch because of the simple colours and the Dutch-sky-coloured gem in the middle, Italian because it reminds me of Fendi's 'Palazzo')
D&G D&G 
D&G jeans via net-a-porter.
(Italian because, well, you know, D&G, €210,93 for jeans, arrogant chic (Which isn't an insult because i love it). Dutch because 99,99% of all Dutch woman wear denim 24/7.) And I find the colour of the denmin combine well with the colours of my mini pizza.
Etro Etro 
(Italian because of the print that reminds me of cubistic stracciatella ice cream, Dutch because Dutch woman like patterns with little color.) And don't you just love the genous print? I first thought it was some kind of zig-zag, but it are rectangles!
Marni heels via mytheresa.
(Italian because it's the color of Spaghetti-bolognaise-sauce, and it's Marni, Dutch because they're a little clog-like and have flowy lines, like water.)

Btw: Yell an ingredient at me and I'll try to make something out of it.

Monday, July 11

Lighten up.

I decided to try to make a low-calorie snack.
Of course, low calorie things mostly are ant-sized, but mines is the size of a butterfly.
Catchy name, huh?

I would suggest wearing this while eating it:
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Sonia by Sonia Rykiel 
 Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, via net-a-porter.

Miu Miu Miu Miu 
Miu Miu, via net-a-porter.
Pamela Love Pamela Love 
Pamela Love bracelet, via net-a-porter.

Sunday, July 10


I decided to try to make two recipes with almost the same ingredients, but a diffrent effect.
Just sayin': I didn't make these things myself, so I have no idea how long you actually have to bake the 'cake', but I search on Google for similar doughs and fillings.

And a 'gift' I made for a  friend's birthday, Friday the 8th.
It were cupcakes, with money as the actual cakes.

Tuesday, July 5

Post #x

Last night, I made Sunday's post, with some help of my dad.
Thanks, mom for cutting the cute napkin.
I used white chocolate, because one of my friends prefers white over milk.
With white chocolate the diffrence in taste between the dough and the chocolate is a little bit too small, but I still liked it. (And I used cherries instead of strawberries because the strawberries were like €300,- per 100g)
And it was really difficult to put the chocolate on, so I recomend rolling the balls with flour on your hands, and then rolling them through the melted chocolate.

And today I went shopping again, bought these and coudln't find images of them online, again.

H&M nailpolish and dress. €0,95, €10,00
ONLY dress. (Here it looks a little boring, but in RL it has a facinating sporty back with a zipper, yay!) €19,95
Six scarf (Those little figures are swallows) €4,00

Sunday, July 3

Your Soft Side Is Irresistable...

Catchy name for a recipe.
Tips: Do not use eggs for the dough and use a small pan to melt the chocolate au bain-marie, or you won't be able to drown you treat.

Saturday, July 2

... The best a Men can get.

Givenchy ss'12 Men's show.
I tried to draw a woman's outfit by looking at the men's outfits. But well, Givenchy always makes female-models walk the men's shows, so I could already see a little bit. But whatever. Created my own kind of Givenchy. (Around 1000Worse then Ricardo's)
I don't know men who walk around in skirts, mint-coloured suits and flowerprints, but I liked the colours of this collection.

Looks ridiculous.

Friday, July 1


At This Moment.
Not really because of this fall's season, but more like an over-all look at the collections I've seen.
Givenchy Resort 2010 (Via)
Proenza Schouler Fall 2011
Balenciaga Summer 2011
Reed Krakoff
Marni Fall 2009. (Via)

And you know my obsession for Prada, but I feel so 'normal' when I say one of the most famous brands is one of my favorites...