Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Saturday, April 30


Two models with really alien features.
Ranya and Emily.

And today's WOO.


New cupcake I made up in my mind.
I think it tastes gross, but in my head things like these seem delicious.
I think I might come up with a healthy snack soon...
And I don't even like banana shakes...

Wednesday, April 27


Another old Vogue Paris cover.
Twiggy. Source.

My version.
Twiggy's head is hard to draw.

Tuesday, April 26


Jean Shrimpton, Vogue Paris April'63 Source
Drawed in Real Life, coloured with Gimp.
I think I like doing this...

Monday, April 25

Easter Lunch

What I would love to be eating:
Oreo-drink. If that's possible... (ReadL If it excists)
Icecream in a soft cookie.
Chocolat/Mocca/Vanilla maracons.
The chess pieces are my two thingies filled with sugar.
Dried Banana, more macarons, tea, more dried banana.
My See By Chloé keyfob.

But it looks boring so I'll do it this way:

Which'll be harder to eat I guess, but it looks exciting.
My mom got freeze-dried (How do you spell that) fruits from her gym. I'm in love. (:

Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter, Sweethearts!

Source: Karl, Hare, Basket.
Because a friend of mine said Karl looked like a rabbit, and I think he uses easter-colours. (See rsrt"10, ss"11)
Actually I was in a random mood and I've got no idea what Karl's head is doing on a hare's body.

Saturday, April 23

Canon In D Major

No idea what that means, but it sounds expensive.
My summer-collage-doodling:
Marc Jacobs' Daisy, Chloé, Oliver Peoples, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Chloé.

And, my new WOO.

Really, really simplistic outfit for a Saturday, you've got nothing to do except strolling along the beach.

Friday, April 22


I can't stand neon. Well. I like it. On others.
Ming Xi's outfit:

And I went shopping with my mom this morning ♥
(Just the link, because I'm too lazy to make images, or take my own pictures of them.)

Tuesday, April 19

It's one of these weeks...

My head is empty. Sorry sweethearts.
All via Vogue UK
Decided to make a dramatic outfit with some of the best collections from this fall.

It's hard to find nice sunglasses in fall shows.
Same source.
I think I'll stop this weeks WOO. I'm annoyed I can't get good outfits out of it.

Monday, April 18


And I hate Mondays...
Sources in an other post...


And this top has a strange magnet-power to me.
3.1 Phillip Lim 
3.1 Phillip Lim 
3.1 Phillip Lim 
3.1 Phillip Lim 
3.1 Phillip Lim. €550,52
3.1 Phillip Lim's midnight-blue satin peplum top is a lesson in easy sophistication. Be inspired by the layered runway styling and team it with a wrap-effect skirt and peep-toe ankle boots. Shown here with an Eddie Borgo bracelet, Bottega Veneta boots, Daisy Knights ring and a 3.1Phillip Lim top and skirt.

Saturday, April 16


▲ Yep, that's a triangle.
You know food-pyramids, right? I made a 'life' pyramid.
But then a little diffrent.
The bottom row is the "YUGH, KILLS ME" row.
The row above that one is the "YUGH IT NEARLY KILLS ME" row.
Above that row we've got the "HMM. IRENE LIKES"row.
And on top we've got the "HEAVEN"
(McDonalds)Icecream, Money, Forks (Which moron invented knifes, spoons and etiquettes? Forks are all you need, folks...), (Givenchy)FASHION, Internet.
Autumn, (Frida Kahlo)Art, Chinese Food, Tea, Pancakes, (Eatable)Apples, Nailpolish.
Wet leafs (Who invented that, it feels so gross on your skin), (Sushi)Fish: My tummy can't handle fish, People-Who-Use-Basic-Smileys, Caterpillars (I mean: What use do they have, they are weird. If there would be a school for insects, the caterpillar got bullied. Of course I know it turns into a butterfly, but couldn't the butterfly skip the entire caterpillar-being?), Perfume (Most people wear too much of it), Andy Warhol (Of course I understand he was/is very important for art, but I think he's doing what I'm doing: Using pictures that do already excist and editing them, and he was calling it 'art'), Nailpolishremover (Put it on your skin: IT BURNS!!!), English liquorice.
School (No explenations needed), Maths (Oh, miracle!), Lipgloss (It feels like there's bad pudding stuck to your lips), ASPERGES (The taste, the smell, the structure, the colour!), (HipHop)Caps, Alarm clocks (Especially at 07:05), Bright colours, Twitter (I mean, can you say what you want in 140 symbols? No way.)
If you read all of that, I love you.

Today's WOO. 
It's actually getting hard enough to use a skirt as a top.
Sources in this post.

Friday, April 15

I Hate Stripes...

Actually, I don't, but my new Week.Of.Outfits (Which is too long to write, so it'll be WOO) is annoyingly difficult.
And two drawings I made:

(Drawed in Real Life, coloured with Gimp.)

(My take on Prada Fall2011, Miu Miu Fall2011, Daphne G. Backstage at Versace Summer2011 (But she doesn't look like Daphne at all...)

Thursday, April 14

Munch, munch.

I like the sound that word makes...
First of all: My favorite bags this season.
The cheapes is "just" €650,00, the most expensive €2.200,00.
(And the smalles one is the most expensive...)

And a new week of outfits.
Which I think is going to be really hard.
Topshop, Topshop, Topshop,
Topshop, Topshop, YSL, Miu Miu.

The first outfit and I already got stuck.

It's too simple. But combinating all those stripes is hard...

Wednesday, April 13

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Love that lass.
Not an outfit she would wear, but an outfit inspired by her.

And an extra outfit, tomorrow I'll start with another closet, that is harder than this one.

Tuesday, April 12

Stop Calling...

Laldieladielaa, For some reason I've got Lady Gaga's/Beyoncé's "Telephone" stuck in my head. Annoying.
But whatever, yesterday I made a new background for my mp.

And some amazing pictures about food ♥:

All via weheartit, or dunno source.

And today's outfit:

Monday, April 11


Hanne Gaby Odiele and Arizona Muse.

None of these images belongs to me, blablabla, blablabla.
I only putted them together.

And today's outfit. (:

Sunday, April 10

Lazy Sunday Pt.II

 My Nails last week. (Birds that look like turtles...)
Alexander McQueen Alexander McQueen 
Alexander McQueen 
THESE SHOES ARE AWESOME. (Yeah, Dûhh, they are McQueen) They are so over-the-top. But they don't look comfortable, and are not my style. I would love to see someone wearing these. (Those someones aren't called Lady Gaga)