Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Sunday, January 30


Argh. I hate PE.
Tried to design a Miu Miu ss"11 inspired jacket.
And it turned out really small. Argh.


I don't think that's a word, but whatever. (:

Prada has got awesome shoes for eight seasons.
(Including the infamous ss09 ones, that made 90% of the models break their ankles.)


Givenchy HC inspired top.
Felder Felder fw10/11 (?) inspired skirt.
And I made a new model, a mix of Asian and African, because all my other models were pale, white figures.
The hair is hilarious (':

Saturday, January 29


Ultimate-Awesome-Fish-Song (Aquafresh by Zomby) The song was also at Prada fw09/10

First tried to make lace-like-nails...

Then made them fish-like.

Sorry for the bad quality, my phone has only 1.4Mp.

And my inspiration, together with the song...
Alexander McQueen ss"10

Wednesday, January 26

Everybody's Love.

Shoes. Döhh.

Arghh, fist I had a gorgeous lay-out, but Blogger decidedhe wouldn't upload it. Arghh.

And today, I (Well, my mom paid ♥) bought these:

(€9,95 when you buy them online at H&M (Sale)

Tuesday, January 25


Favorites in capital letters.
Acne cardigan/jacket: It's sooo casual, so grown-up, so i-dont-care, it's muscular, feminine, hobo-like, sophisticated, luxurious, futurustic, retro, vintage. I don't know. Perfect cardigan/jacket.
Prada platform-brogues: They're not the most flattering shoes, but they are quirky, original, masculine, feminine (Where did we hear this befrore?), too-ugly-to-be-ugly, and they're having a shocking blue (piece of) sole. OMG.
Versace see-though-like-dress: Never thought I would say something really positive about Versace, never thought Versace could be this minimalistic. I loved the ss"11 collection. LOVED. This dress is grown-up, cutting-your-eys-out-beautyful, masculine, feminine (Argh, I'm repeating over and over (': ) I think I like the masculine/feminine thing. I mean a dress with this much straight angles looking sexy? Brilliant!
Daphne Groeneveld: On everybody's mind. Perfect weird face, perfect walk, and -for a model- an awesome body (read: Body of a 10-year-old, stretched out to 5'10.5")

Sorry for the weird erhm, 'compilation' (?)

Monday, January 24


First I thought a caterpillar was a catering pilar, but then I was eight.
I like the Greeks, and I wanted to do some kind of art-thingy, like I did whit Gustav Klimt to.
After a while I realiced Greek is sooo last season, so it turned out to be a nude-coloured-inspirational-moodboard-with-a-grecian-background. Enjoy.

Hmm. I can't cut out. Nevermind.

The statue is named Discusthrower of Myron.
All credits to designers.

Sunday, January 23

Ï'm in love. Chiiing Booom !!!

(Song by Bjork, my interpretation.)

A couple of minutes ago I found this pretty girl on models.
She hasn't done much, but there's already a list of cool brands and editorals on her name. And of course, I hadn't heard of her yet (':

Anne-Sophie Monrad ♥

BCBG Max Azria. Click to enlarge. Source

In Marie Clare Italia. Source.

Lula Magazine. Source.

In Numero Tokyo. Source.


(Because this is the 111st post, and I didn't know a title.)

I was thinking of some Rodarte-like look.
And then I came up with combining it with a sort of Versus fw"10 erhm. dunno the English word. Top. I guess.
And then I added some hilarious hair. (':

That's easier. (:

Backstage ss"11

First of all: No nasty comments on the header. It's supposed to be pretty. No Idea what Blogger did to it.
Verry imaginative title...
Christopher Kane: Spooky, cute and beautiful.
Rick Owens: Adoration to Hanne Gaby, pretty-girl-pose in an evil-lady-dress.
Alexander McQueen: Haha. Poor models.
Prada: Shoes this expensive thrown on the ground. Can't get it. But it looks awesome.
Dior: The make-up that deserves this pose and vice-versa.
Dior: I first thought it was model-food.
Rodarte: Do I need to say anything? This picture is pure creativity and beauty.
Lanvin: I've got no Idea what Ming Xi (?) is doing here, but even when she's having an expression like this she's ducking pretty. That deserves a place in this post.

Friday, January 21

No Sun Yet.

Prada: Too kinky/quirky/funny/stylish/daring to be ugly. Only a genious can come up with these.
Victoria Beckham: Actors/singers turned designers mostly turn out to be awfull. (Well, I don't like her body-con-dresses, but I love those bags.)
Marni (Resort): Marni is always amazing when it comes to glasses and jewelery. No exceptions.
Fendi: First I hated these sunglasses because of the teinted glass. Now I grew up and saw the philosophy behind it. (Yeah, dude...)
Jill Sander: Little frame, big glasses and a bright colour that actually doesn't look childish.
Jenni Kayne: Too cool and casual to be casual and cool.

Wednesday, January 19


Not the most flattering picture.
I don't like this shot.
Daphne Groeneveld by Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Paris.

Btw: School is getting really buisy this week. I won't post much.

Tuesday, January 18


Favorite hairs ss"11.

Mandy Coon: Doesn't seem really comfortable, but it looks cute in a strange way. (Combinate strange/weird with cute and I'm yours.)
Diesel Black Gold: Just like Lanvin ss"10. In adoration of big knots on your head. (My hair is too short, but that doesn't matter.)
Rodarte: Do I need to explain?
Jaeger: Such little effort with an enormous effect. If I would wear this hairdo I would start drinking coffee. (I don't like coffee.)
Jenni Kayne: It isn't the hair that's that special, it's the combination of the hair, the glasses, the attitude. Perfect. Too casual to be casual.
Yves Saint Laurent: Don't mind Siri looking creepy. This hairstyle makes the models look like really catholic girls that hang around with the devil.

A lot of knots this season. But most of them were boring, or photographed boring.
What do you think?

Monday, January 17


Miucci is such a genious.
This collection is too absurd to be ugly.

Kinga and ?
?, Mariacarla, ?
Kinga, Tatiana, Arizona
I would never, ever wear it, but it's true eye-candy.

Mariacarla Boscono, Tatiana Cotliar, Arizona Muse, ?, Kinga Rajzak, by Steven Meisel. ss"11.

Sunday, January 16


Because of my critisizm towards the suits of the biatlon (Langlaufing/shooting)-people the sports-channel, my grarndad said I had to design them myself then.
So I thought about what Heidi might wear.
And came up with this.
I'm jealous of people looking good when they're skiing, cause I never look good when skiing.
I've got weird hair, red face and a figure like a snowball.

Femme Fatale

Source Painting by Gustav Klimt, atm my favorite painter. (:
I don't know where I got the picture of the editorial. But it's awesome.

Milly (Black dress)

Do I need to make painting-inspired outfits again? Which painter?

Saturday, January 15

Like Piet.

Piet Mondriaan inspired nails. I saw them somewhere, can't remember where, and decided to do them myself (:

Piet Mondriaan. Afkomstig uit De Stijl, 5e jaargang, nummer 12 (december 1922): p. 179.

And I took the picture with my mobile phone. That explains the quality.

Willy Wonka

I tried to design a too-cool-to-be-true coat and of course, I failed.
It turned out to look like Willy Wonka's coat when mr. Wonka is dead for two weeks or so.

Yeah. 'invisible zippers' 'cause I was too lazy to draw them (:
'Zip-of-bottom' means that you can zip of the part where the fur starts again, creating a shorter, more casual, less wizard-y coat/jacket.


Minimalism stays this season, so I decided I had to create an outfit out of a jumper/cardigan, sandalettes and statement jewelery. This is the result.

Cardigan, shoes, bracelet (Or is this one called 'cuff'?)
Think I've got an obsession with the shoes. Perfect, no heel, black, leather, Straps, Buckles.

Thursday, January 13

Reindeer hunting.

Hmm, animal-hunting-title again.
No offence to our furry friends.
And a new model. Do you like her?

Those mini-models-with-big-bags-shoots always make me laugh.
Love Nimue Smit and Lindsey Wixson for Mulberry ss"11.
(Do you think Nimue looks helpless?)

Wednesday, January 12

Marni Sale

Okay, long time no post:
Wednesday: No time.
Thursday: Too lazy.
Friday: No time + Sleepover
Saturday: Too lazy
Sunday/Tuesday: ill. (I don't like a capital i in front of a small L)

Marni Sale. Yeey.
The pricetags are still ludicrous, but I love to pretend it's 'Sale-and-cheap!!!'
Who am I kidding?

My favourites. (Yes I know, one thing isnt on sale, but whatever, for Marni-prices it's still cheap.
Why did I copy the colours to? Look at them and raise your eyebrow.
Zement??? Old Lace??? Dárk Antracite??? (Where's the light one?) Inox??? Sage??? Ultramarine??? (Ultra, like in a hero?)

Still way too expensice, but still pretty (:

Sunday, January 2

Real Pencils

Some Real Life drawings I made.

Nov, 3. 2010

Jan, 02. 2011
I'm sorry it's really dark, the scanner hates me.