Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, March 31


Some kind of fairy-elf-fantasy-illustrational creature. I just had the craving to draw hair like this. You can laugh at me.

And you meet another passion of mine: COOKIESCHOCOLATEANDOTHERSWEETSTUFF. Yeah.
I came up with something that probably looks incredibly delicious in my mind, but tastes disgusting. (If you can even eat it, I think it'll be like 20cm. high if you decide to make it in real.) But I won't hold you back to taste this brilliant -uhum- obsession. 

Tuesday, March 29


I think I like giraffes.
I tried to make some kind of safari-look, but it looks a little cheap and a little bit too wild.

And two images I loved today.
Gemma Ward, Backstage somewhere, (McQueen? Dior? Some other extremely theatrical designer?)don't know the source. 
Eniko on her way to LA by Terry Richardson. Source.

Thursday, March 24

Sees of Erhm. Blue.

White jumpsuit with some kind of jacket that I do not understand.

Quick sketch on beachwear. Lobster + un-transperancy.
I do no like swimming.

And I noticed most of the clothing I design is black, blue or grey. Tell me a colour I should use to design, please.

Wednesday, March 23


No idea what the title is about...
But I couldn't think of something that describes both of these sketches.
Quick drawing of a quirky shoe. (I know the perspective and more stuff like that isn't okay, but whatever. Quick. Sketch.)

Miu Miu + Isabel Marant + Granny + Octo.
I do actualy like the seems on the pants. Haha.

Tuesday, March 22


Appears to be one ot the coolest jobs ever.
The bride would look like Natalia, the groom like Bastiaan.
Natalia (Vogue UK): Dress:Alexander McQueen, Ballerinas: Giuseppe Zanotti (Check 'm, they're awesome!), Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham, Necklace: Shaun Leane, Ring: Solange Azagury-Patridge.
Total costs: €10.916,00.
Bastiaan (Metal Magazine): Suit: Givenchy, Shirt: Umit Benan, Shoes: Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Balmain, Ring: Giles.
Total costs: €2.081,00
The song they would dance on: Vivali - Winter.

Total costs of bride + groom: €12.997,00 (Looking at that price gives heartattacks)
Hmm, Bastiaan looks a little bit like Man In Black. But he's still hot.

Monday, March 21

Boys, Bomber, Buy

Hmm. Yeah. I can't draw boys + Can't design clothes for them. I had almost put him on make-up, cause I'm used to do that to my dolls. Hehe. 

Seriously, the most awesome print for a bomber ever seen.
La Guernica by Picasso Source

My new, basic blue ballerinas, one of my cravings.

What my outfit looked today, with the new shoes.
Hmm. Narcistic mood. Haha.
H&M top, shorts, belt.
HEMA Tights
Yessica by C&A ballerinas. (€12,00!!!)

Sunday, March 20

I might be going nuts.

Making a beachwear post.
I hate swimming, I hate bikini-fotoshoots, I hate the sea, I don't like the sun.
But I like searching for cool clothes. These six were the most awesome bikinis/bathingsuits I could find.
But I can't think of anyone who would pay €665,00 for a bathingsuit.
If I'm in desperate need of swimwear (Which I won't be because I'm not going to swim) I would buy the HEMA one. Or the Lanvin one. Haha!


Sounds like icecream.
New Eur-Asian model + Coctail dress. She also looks kinda polinesian, so I made her look like an Upgraded Hula Girl After Midnight. Yeah.


Maybe you remember my 'cravings'post, a couple of days ago, today I searched for real life versions and come to the conclusion: High fashion is better detailed and constructed and far more interesting than the things I can buy. (I've made this conclusion for like 10000 times.)

The good news is, this 'outfit' costs €78,80, and the high fashion one costs €2092,37.
I think for thát price, those clothes should get through an nucleair war without getting damaged.
I know the shoes aren't though and blue, the bag isn't that minimalistic, the watch isn't too-cool-to-be-true and blue, there's no cool white blouse and there's no awesome multi-chain-gold-necklace of a designer with an aweseome name. But the vibe is kinde the same. Just less mature.

Saturday, March 19

Striped Neon

Hmm. Maybe a little bit too much Prada ss"11 obsessed. Hmm.
I created this outfit:
An outfit you could wear to school. (Well, Céline and Jil Sander aren't that cheap, so erhm, not for everybody. Read: No one will wear this in school.)


Acid colours.
I thought of Stella McCartney ss"11 + Flared Jeans I saw here + Quirky shoes + 70's Hair and attitude.
And together, it looks like this:
If I would be fashionable I would buy flared jeans, but they make me look like a not-stylish hippie.

Thursday, March 17


Tastier friend of the wrap. (In my head this seemed relevant to this post.)
A couple of days ago, VSMAGAZINELIVE posted something about Phillipe Roucou's silk crepe scarves, with prints of polaroids that had been abandoned. (My six favorites:)
And four prints I would love to print on scarves.

And made a picture in my head of what I would wear with it:

(S,S,B,B, Coosmiic (': )

Tuesday, March 15

Another kinda boring post.
Another background for my phone + My carte, sorry guys, I made it unreadable 'cause I don't want you to know where I live (':

I always think of piano music when I eat chocolate.


Monday, March 14

Well, yesterday I created a background for my mobile phone.
I forgot to write down the sources, but it's only for my use.

Sunday, March 13

Outfit #15 Or something like that.

Same collection as the outfit I posted yesterday.
I've got no idea how it's constructed. (:

Saturday, March 12

At that time, in my pink castle...

Caroline Trentini, Elle Brasil November 2011.
Love her spoiled-brat-princess face.
Created this princess balerina outfit.

Blogger ruined the quality ):

N'out of the blue

I was too lazy to draw the entire jacket + I wanted to show how my "Miu Miu fw11/12 top with torn off sleeve" looked like.

Thursday, March 10

Lazy Day #100

My rings, my nails, my beads.
I don't think I haven't enough inspiration. I think I've got too much.
Is that even possible?

Tuesday, March 8

The Green Is Cool

I know PFW isn't finished yet, but I already made a favorites collage.
Turned out to be this:

Clockwise: My #2 Collection this season I think. Panthers and violets, Love that combination. (Not that you can see that in my favorite look, but whatever. The green is cool.)
Need too-cool-to-touch loafers.
Need too-grown-up-to-touch heels.
Balmain's perfect jeweled jumper/sweater. The cosiest piece of clothing meets the most glamourous look.
It's weird, I do maybe think this season's Chanel show is in my top 10, or even top 7 or 5 of this seasons shows. I love the moodier Chanel shows. And these boots are F to-the-you-get-it awesome.
You can't see the image anymore, cause it's hidden behind Hanne Gaby and the Chanel shoe, but it's a fabulous clutch.
I need to combine a colourblock-skirt with a wool sweater/jumper.

Now it's getting summer I want winter clothes.
Looking forward to McQueen.

Monday, March 7

Here Comes The Sun.

Some kind of crappy-weird drawing.
Tried to let the models 'dance' like in the Prada ss"11 campaign. But I can't dance, so I dídn't know how a body looks like when it's dancing. Haha.

Background: Shirt Prada, Skirt Prada.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Sunday, March 6

Model Talks

I love FTV's modeltalks.
Screenshot time.
Daphne Thinking, Daphne talking about Versace/her outfit, Daphne talking about school letting her do 'just' two Fashion Weeks.

Mirte about Blumarine: "I feel pretty, erhm, I feel like, you know, erhm, like a woman." (Or something like that, Sorry Mirte) LOVE HER ANSWERS. Mirte about her apartment with Lisanne de Jong (?) "Like a couch, and a tv, and then it was full" LOVE HER ANSWERS. And Mirte saying something I didn't understand, but I loved her face.

Vlada, I thought her eyes would pop out. Love it.


The things I am definitely going to buy this summer. (Well, cheaper versions, of course...)


Saturday, March 5

All Girls Do It.

Wearing H&M clothing.
So I decided to create an outfit entirely excisting out of H&M Clothing.
And this was the result.
P.S. The skirt is actually a dress, with a tank-top attached.

Thursday, March 3

My Day Today

Hmm, Forget the title, I'm not feeling great today.
I'll post what I did today.

Images by Vogue UK, Compilation by me.
Drooling over Pugh's new collection.
OMG. HE USED COLOUR. (Photos of this phenomenom not included, I feel a little awkard to Pugh using colors.) BLUE NAILS. AWESOME EYEPATCH-THINGS-MAKE-UP. KIND-OF-AMERICAN-PRO-BOZER-MEETS-ARABIAN-DESERT-MAN-MEETS-LADY-GAGA. AND THOSE BLACK STRAPPY BOOTS. And all of that in capital letters.

Drooling over this piece of look 6 from the Marni fw11/12 collection.
I wish the skirt was black-white instead of white-black. I tried to do so with editing the picture, but it looks weird. (': (I was the one who wrote 'Marni' in a weird handwriting.) images by Vogue UK.

Drooling over today's Daily Duo: Swanny Visser.
Dutch. Again.
I don't know if I like her or lover her. She looks bright and sweet and French in some way.

Drooling over this photo.
Regina Feoktistova by Terry Tsiolis in Muse Magazine. Source.
Looking this pretty and inspiring when you're making that face is mesmerizing.

Coco at the Mugler show. (With Gaga. Omg.)
There were 'wow'-looks, but also a lot of 'ehrmm....'-looks.

Drawing a weird outfit.
Ruffle-bottom-top with half-sheer arms. (Inspired by Jil Sander ss"11/Miu Miu fw"11/12)
Weird striped shorts.
Visible seem pantyhose.
Plexiglass bangles & Brooches.