Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Monday, January 24


First I thought a caterpillar was a catering pilar, but then I was eight.
I like the Greeks, and I wanted to do some kind of art-thingy, like I did whit Gustav Klimt to.
After a while I realiced Greek is sooo last season, so it turned out to be a nude-coloured-inspirational-moodboard-with-a-grecian-background. Enjoy.

Hmm. I can't cut out. Nevermind.

The statue is named Discusthrower of Myron.
All credits to designers.

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  1. Prachtig jurkje van McQueen. <3 En dat rokje van J.Crew oook. Weereen geweldig moodboard dingetje. (l)