Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Wednesday, January 12

Marni Sale

Okay, long time no post:
Wednesday: No time.
Thursday: Too lazy.
Friday: No time + Sleepover
Saturday: Too lazy
Sunday/Tuesday: ill. (I don't like a capital i in front of a small L)

Marni Sale. Yeey.
The pricetags are still ludicrous, but I love to pretend it's 'Sale-and-cheap!!!'
Who am I kidding?

My favourites. (Yes I know, one thing isnt on sale, but whatever, for Marni-prices it's still cheap.
Why did I copy the colours to? Look at them and raise your eyebrow.
Zement??? Old Lace??? Dárk Antracite??? (Where's the light one?) Inox??? Sage??? Ultramarine??? (Ultra, like in a hero?)

Still way too expensice, but still pretty (:


  1. Nog steeds een beetje te duur. xD

    nou beetje.

    Erg duur.

    Ik vind die jas geweldig. <333

  2. hey! I got the images from the cutest blog ever but then went and lost the link before I could follow...SO annoyed at myself! Glad you liked the post though, I adore your most recent post with the blue bag, it's gorgeous! Love your blog!

    kisses x