Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Friday, February 18

Double D.

Dutch Daphne. Or Something. Didn't know a better title (':
Tried again to draw Daphne, Failed again.
*By the time I had to do the ears and hair I didn't feel like it anymore, so those pieces (and the turtleneck and the ehm. -where are they- eyebrows) are a little bit sloppy.
Backstage at Jason Wu, via Model's Of the Minute.

Btw: From Saturday till ehm. Saturday or so I'll be on vacation. Au revoir ♥


  1. Ik vind die andere mooier, mar deze is ook prachtig. ♥

    Veel plezier op winterspoooorrrrrrt. :D

  2. Komt irene weer met haar mooie tekeningen.