Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Monday, December 20

All I Want For Christmas...

Ladieladielaaa. My favourite shoes atm. (Some of them are fw"10/11, others are ss"11)

Willow: Discovered tomorrow: Love the small heel and the masculine/feminine shape of it. Oh, and buckles of course.
See By Chloé: I don't like sneakers/All Star-like-shoes anymore, but these sweeties are eatable. (Okay, forget that phrase...)
Chloé: EEKS! I"M GOING TO LIKE CHLOÉ! Well, whatever, these sandals just rock your socks off.
Prada: If you're gonna wear these kids to school you'll turn some heads. I love them, they're too quirky to be ugly-quirky (See: Vuitton ss"10 wasn't quirky enough to be pretty.)
Acne: It's a miracle none of the models took a tumble. But that makes them awesome, I think they remind me of the footwear Geishas wore.
Marni: Same story as the Prada-shoes. Too quirky to be ugly. I suppose these shoes are easier to walk than those Acne-shoes.

Note to my readers/scanners: Irene doesn't like high heels. (She likes high-platforms as in Acne ss11 and Céline ss10, but no stiletto's or something.)

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