Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Wednesday, December 1

Wedding bells.

Not yet, but whatever. Bridal post ;3
My wedding-outfit. (Super-duper-enormous-dress-feat-ray-ban-and-veil) SOURCE

Engagement ring. I don't like skulls, but this ring has a high AWESOME-factor. SOURCE

Wedding ring  Second-time-we-engage-ring, 'cause the man I'm marrying knows I love getting presents ;3

This ring because it doesn't look at all like a weddingring. (When I get divorced, which I hope never happens, I can still pretend it's a 'normal' ring.) SOURCE And because it looks angelic, but in a creepy way, I think I like that. And it's a statement piece.

And I want to marry when it's snowing, on the beach and in a church.
I want an enormous bridal cake and someone running into the wedding screaming "NOOO!!!" when the rings are put on, just for a little drama. And I want a short ceremony and a long dinner, a dinner that's just about the 'desert' no freaky crab-salad or something.

But first I need a dude.

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  1. Hahaha, geniaal dat stukje op het eind en dat gedeelte 'Cause the man I'm marrying knows I love getting presents', ik ga hier helemaal stuk. :')