Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, December 23

Around you.

Bracelets. I always forget to put them on.

Came up with the nutty (and probably already existing) idea of a bracelet, in which you can put little pictures to create your own kind of charmbracelet without charms.
Only €38 because it's half-silver and you have to find images yourself :P

Other, REALLY cool bracelets:
Marni Marni 
Marni, source
Marni jewelery is just sooo pretty *drools*

Both Givenchy. Source
Too awesome and mature to be real. I think if I touch them they'll disapear to outer space, where they came from.

Lanvin Lanvin 
Lanvin. Source
Those diffrent kinds of lizard/snake-skin. This would even look cool on a wedding.

My price's the best, the other designs are MUCH better (':

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  1. Oeeeeeeeeh. Zo'n leuk armbandje door Irene voor maar 38 euro! :3