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Thursday, September 23

London Fashion Week, My Favourites (Yet?)

Haha' With me being too lazy to really search when a fashion week ends I dunno if I've seen most of the shows, but these are my favourites yet.

1. Burberry Prorsum, Since the quality of my image is completely gone because of Blogger or paint, you can't see the perfectness of this outfit. I love the gold/green studs on the shoulders of the jacket, in combination with the high-detailed belt. I do only not like the shoes.

2. Erdem. Does this need further explenation? No. Perfect proportions, feminine, nude make-up (Irene LOVES nude make-up), casual hair, dark background with flowers, awesome runway itself, but again, I'm not really fond of those shoes.

3. Matthew Williamson, it reminded me a little of Burberry Prorsum's collection last year. A kinda draped lilac dress with a belt, which I loved too. I've got a weekness for most drapings, and I love the minth-ish colour combinated with the cognac-y belt and shoes.

4. Basso & Brooke. I LOVE THE PRINT AND SHAPE OF THE DRESS! The print looks like a combination of a photo and some kind of old painting old friends of our family have on their cookie jar. It reminds me of clouds and of the sun and of terracotta. One word: LOVE

5. Betty Jackson. I've never been really interested in her collections, but I was surprised by this one.
I love the sunglasses, the blouse, the skirt, the shoes, the styling, the colours. Everything. I think I love platforms. (exept stilleto's). The only thing I don't like are the model's scary skinny legs.

Bahaa' Did I bore you? I'm sorry ;P
Do you guys also like this lay-out?

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