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Sunday, September 19

NYFW, My Favorites

Haha' My little train of thoughts brought me to create my top-5 (Haha, it became a top-6, but whatever!) of favorite runwaylooks of NYss"11
`1. I love the colours (Lack of colours FTW!) And the bra/bikinitop because I don't know if it's a bra or a bikini-top/ I love the skirt because I don' t know how it really is because of the tule(?) over it.
`2. LOVE THE CARDIGAN! LOVE THE BAG! I love Cognac coloured leather, even when it looks so wanna-be on me. Those shoes are also really awesome.
`3. THAT TOP! THAT TROUSERS! THAT ENSEMBLE! Haha' Noeh, I love the colours and the make-up and I love Bregje, and those shoes look awesome and clean (Haha! Clean shoes, you know?) And I like polkadots. I dunno why. That's why I like this look.
'4. THAT BAG! FRIGGIN LOVE ON THE FIRST SIGHT! And then the fact that she's just wearing a really short skirt under a big cardigan/jacket. And that little see-through(?) top. LOVELOVELOVE.
'5. I had never heard of this dude untill last week or something. I love the fresh, clean luxury. The collection makes me want to walk ont he 'boulevard' even thought I hate walking.
'6. LOVE THAT PRINT! Love the lipstick! I like the simple hair and those Mary-Jane-like shoes. And I love the neckline and the simple black+white+red+somethingnude-ish.
Haha' Maybe I was a little bit influenced by my sweet Hanne Gaby. (Mwah, I just liked the clothes, it's just superduperawesome she's wearing them ;P) And little Bregje Heinen, which (/who? I dunno ;D) I do really like too.
I think Wes Gordon was really surprising, I love those green shoes, the way they just coer the toes and then stop. (Haha' Did you get something from that phrase? Yes? YOU"RE A GENIOUS!)
And normally I don´t like DVF because she´s so erhm, I dunno, like Anna Sui, I don´t like that label too. =D
Well, do you like any of these? (Or perhaps you like the lay-out?) Comment!

Jeezz, long post xD I congratulate (Is that spelled right?) you if you read all of this. (L")
Jeezz2. I used the word 'Love' too many times. I have to say 'Like' ;D

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