Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Sunday, September 19

First Post / Eniko

Dear Readers, Lovely Followers, Bitches, Well; Whatever.

Ellouh, I'm Irene and I'm 14 and I love art, fashion, drawing and more things like that.
On this blog you'll find most of my work from now on, which will be much I hope :3
I also love sites like My nickname is reenyyy . Which I don't like anymore, I made it sóóó long ago. It was like Irene--> Ireny-->Reenyyy. I dunno why my nickname has three y's.
Enough blablabla: My first graphic on my new blog! :3

I tried to draw Eniko Mihalik, My FAVOURITE MODEL. I mean, I love everything about her, even her voice, and I hate most of the models' voices. =D
Enjoy. -And, I know it doesn't look like her, but I can still pretend this was the fist time drawing her. Haha!

Oh, and don't mind my "PERFECT!" English please =D