Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, March 3

My Day Today

Hmm, Forget the title, I'm not feeling great today.
I'll post what I did today.

Images by Vogue UK, Compilation by me.
Drooling over Pugh's new collection.
OMG. HE USED COLOUR. (Photos of this phenomenom not included, I feel a little awkard to Pugh using colors.) BLUE NAILS. AWESOME EYEPATCH-THINGS-MAKE-UP. KIND-OF-AMERICAN-PRO-BOZER-MEETS-ARABIAN-DESERT-MAN-MEETS-LADY-GAGA. AND THOSE BLACK STRAPPY BOOTS. And all of that in capital letters.

Drooling over this piece of look 6 from the Marni fw11/12 collection.
I wish the skirt was black-white instead of white-black. I tried to do so with editing the picture, but it looks weird. (': (I was the one who wrote 'Marni' in a weird handwriting.) images by Vogue UK.

Drooling over today's Daily Duo: Swanny Visser.
Dutch. Again.
I don't know if I like her or lover her. She looks bright and sweet and French in some way.

Drooling over this photo.
Regina Feoktistova by Terry Tsiolis in Muse Magazine. Source.
Looking this pretty and inspiring when you're making that face is mesmerizing.

Coco at the Mugler show. (With Gaga. Omg.)
There were 'wow'-looks, but also a lot of 'ehrmm....'-looks.

Drawing a weird outfit.
Ruffle-bottom-top with half-sheer arms. (Inspired by Jil Sander ss"11/Miu Miu fw"11/12)
Weird striped shorts.
Visible seem pantyhose.
Plexiglass bangles & Brooches.


1 comment:

  1. Gareth Pugh was zooooooo gaaaafffff nu snap ik eindelijk wat jij er zo ONGELOOFLIJK NIETNORMAAL HOE GEWELDIG-GAAF vind.

    Die tas van Marni is liefde, maar dat rokje zou wat mooier zijn in zwart-wit dan wit-zwart inderdaad.

    Swanny viel me ook al op door haar naam denk ik. Ze heeft een gave gezichtsvorm en haar wenkbrauwen. *wenkbrauw obsessie.*

    Omg die foto is zo gaaf.

    Coco's hoofd is pricelesss. Ik snapte niet wat die Gaga bij een modeshow deed maar okee...

    Me likes, die shorts zijn schattig. ♥