Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Sunday, March 20


Maybe you remember my 'cravings'post, a couple of days ago, today I searched for real life versions and come to the conclusion: High fashion is better detailed and constructed and far more interesting than the things I can buy. (I've made this conclusion for like 10000 times.)

The good news is, this 'outfit' costs €78,80, and the high fashion one costs €2092,37.
I think for thát price, those clothes should get through an nucleair war without getting damaged.
I know the shoes aren't though and blue, the bag isn't that minimalistic, the watch isn't too-cool-to-be-true and blue, there's no cool white blouse and there's no awesome multi-chain-gold-necklace of a designer with an aweseome name. But the vibe is kinde the same. Just less mature.

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