Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Tuesday, March 8

The Green Is Cool

I know PFW isn't finished yet, but I already made a favorites collage.
Turned out to be this:

Clockwise: My #2 Collection this season I think. Panthers and violets, Love that combination. (Not that you can see that in my favorite look, but whatever. The green is cool.)
Need too-cool-to-touch loafers.
Need too-grown-up-to-touch heels.
Balmain's perfect jeweled jumper/sweater. The cosiest piece of clothing meets the most glamourous look.
It's weird, I do maybe think this season's Chanel show is in my top 10, or even top 7 or 5 of this seasons shows. I love the moodier Chanel shows. And these boots are F to-the-you-get-it awesome.
You can't see the image anymore, cause it's hidden behind Hanne Gaby and the Chanel shoe, but it's a fabulous clutch.
I need to combine a colourblock-skirt with a wool sweater/jumper.

Now it's getting summer I want winter clothes.
Looking forward to McQueen.

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  1. Chanel vond ik dit keer weer gaaaaaaaf. Vooral dat decor omg. Alsof. Ehrm. Ja. Hoe leg je dat uit, het was zo'n gaaf decor. Chanel's show was dit keer echt heeeeeel gaaaaf en die kleding vond ik niet zo vreselijk als vorig AW seizoen ;x.