Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Friday, May 27


210th post, and I like the numbers 21 & 0.
Sorry for not posting for like... a year? I felt so exhausted and empty-minded. But I've shopped today, so I feel much better (:
And since I couldn't find online what I've bought, I've drawn it for you.
H&M Nailpolish (€0,95), skirt (€14,95) and make-up bag (€1,95). (it's transperant, so those ligther bananas/leaves are lighter, 'cause they're on the other side)
C&A Bikini bottom (€9,00) (Hey, Spongebob's city is named Bikini Bottom, never noticed that befrore xD) and Bikini top (€7,00).

And some Woo's I hadn't posted yet.

Source Topshop, H&M, Others.

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  1. Liefde voor dat tasje met bananen. Erg Prada-SS-2011. Bij de H&M heb je ookal bikini's met die bananenprint haha.