Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Sunday, May 15

My bag and my models.

Miu Miu Wallet via here.
 I'll carry Vogue Germany because talking about fashion in German sounds hilarious. no offence.
Cucumber sandwich because I love sanwdwiches with cheese and veggies and without meat.
Spa because that's 'healthy'
Hilfiger perfume because it smells lovely and I like the bottle.
Miu Miu wallet because I like the proportions and the texture.
Essie Nailpolish because I like the logo and the colour.
iPod shuffle because it looks cute. 

Milou van Groesen wears: Shirt, Skirt, Bag, Boots.
Ylonka Verheul wears Shirt, Vest, Pants, Bag, Heels.

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  1. Liefde voor die tas van Celine. En die gif. Mij lukt het nooit om een mooie gif van die Prada SS11 te maken -_-' En die outfit van Milou.