Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, May 19


I know, don't make nasty comments about the title...
I decided to make an 'I'm starving' VS 'I'm really, really starving' options. One meal looks like a 'normal'meal, and one meal looks like a cute snack.
An entire, enourmous pancake, covered in Chocolatespread, Chocchip-cookies and fudge, VS a wrap with the same ingredients, looking less impressive.
'Healhy' Lunch. (Cheese isn't that healthy, but it's delicious...)
The classic Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich, with pickles, on toast.
I like it when the soft cheese matches with the weird texture of cucumber, the knacky (also weird) texture of pickle and the crunch of toast.
Here in a normal sandwich VS a cute-looking snack.
(You can also buy a round bread and make it a C&C 'pizza')

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