Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Saturday, July 2

... The best a Men can get.

Givenchy ss'12 Men's show.
I tried to draw a woman's outfit by looking at the men's outfits. But well, Givenchy always makes female-models walk the men's shows, so I could already see a little bit. But whatever. Created my own kind of Givenchy. (Around 1000Worse then Ricardo's)
I don't know men who walk around in skirts, mint-coloured suits and flowerprints, but I liked the colours of this collection.

Looks ridiculous.

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  1. OMG HAHA DIE 2E JONGEN OP DE ONDERSTE RIJ HAHA HIJ ZIET ERUIT ALSOF HIJ JE IN ELKAAR KOMT SLAAN. Sorry ik heb altijd lol over de loopjes van mannelijke modellen ;p.

    Ah die outfit is echt leuk. ♥ Past perfect in de collectie.