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Tuesday, July 5

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Last night, I made Sunday's post, with some help of my dad.
Thanks, mom for cutting the cute napkin.
I used white chocolate, because one of my friends prefers white over milk.
With white chocolate the diffrence in taste between the dough and the chocolate is a little bit too small, but I still liked it. (And I used cherries instead of strawberries because the strawberries were like €300,- per 100g)
And it was really difficult to put the chocolate on, so I recomend rolling the balls with flour on your hands, and then rolling them through the melted chocolate.

And today I went shopping again, bought these and coudln't find images of them online, again.

H&M nailpolish and dress. €0,95, €10,00
ONLY dress. (Here it looks a little boring, but in RL it has a facinating sporty back with a zipper, yay!) €19,95
Six scarf (Those little figures are swallows) €4,00

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  1. Ik had laatst blauwe H&M nagellak besteld voor 3,95. De dag erna is het 1,95. WAT EEN NAAIBALLEN GVD.

    Dat sjaaltje klinkt echt heel mooi, maak een foto maak een foto!