Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Wednesday, July 13

The Italian Job.

By a Dutchman.
I though I should create a pizza with diffrent ingredients, but it turned out as a normal Margerita with a diffrent base. Whatever. I did also made a gif from it.
Wikipedia's words about 'ontbijtkoek'.

Hmm, Didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Whatever.

And to keep the fashion in my blog, wear it with these:
Monica Vinader Monica Vinader 
Monica Vinander earrings via net-a-porter.
(Dutch because of the simple colours and the Dutch-sky-coloured gem in the middle, Italian because it reminds me of Fendi's 'Palazzo')
D&G D&G 
D&G jeans via net-a-porter.
(Italian because, well, you know, D&G, €210,93 for jeans, arrogant chic (Which isn't an insult because i love it). Dutch because 99,99% of all Dutch woman wear denim 24/7.) And I find the colour of the denmin combine well with the colours of my mini pizza.
Etro Etro 
(Italian because of the print that reminds me of cubistic stracciatella ice cream, Dutch because Dutch woman like patterns with little color.) And don't you just love the genous print? I first thought it was some kind of zig-zag, but it are rectangles!
Marni heels via mytheresa.
(Italian because it's the color of Spaghetti-bolognaise-sauce, and it's Marni, Dutch because they're a little clog-like and have flowy lines, like water.)

Btw: Yell an ingredient at me and I'll try to make something out of it.


  1. Ik vind die gif er nog wel leuk uitzien hoor (a')
    Alleen ik vind ontbijtkoek vies dus tja.
    Liefde voor die Marni schoenen <3

  2. Ontbijt koek vind ik verschrikkelijk lekker (:
    Die spijkerbroek heb ik ook. Tenminste zo'n soort ik heb hem van de vero moda.