Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Saturday, November 27

Flowers for Christmas

Today the first snow fell around our house. HOORAY! Unfortunatly I have to cycle to school every day. Through snow. Yuck.
Another christmaspost. It's a look inspired by the famous Erdem ss11 dress, the red one with the 'flowerlaceandtransparentthingy'.
Me personally, I love the wedges I've drawed. Haha.
And, beware, readers. I'm gonna use this 'model' more times than just once. (I could post the 'naked' model on the blog, but it looks like some creepy mannequin in a shop. (I don't like mannequins in a shop, so you won't see the model without make-up and hair and clothes.) I just like her pose.

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  1. Oeh, dat jurkje. <3 Echt heel mooi hoe je dat kant hebt gemaakt. :3