Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Saturday, November 27

It's gonna be a white summer.

My favourite ss"11 looks.
Gareth Pugh: I always love Pughs lack of colour and lack of 'Monkey See, Monkey Do.' this collection is what Pugh stands for: Futuristic and original.
Jil Sander: Labeled as 'best show of the season' by lots of people. For me it was just the pallette: (Well, my favourite look doesn't show that, but whatever...) Bright, speaking colours and lots of white.
Marni: All time favourite. I loved those swimmingcaps, brilliant idea. And I've got a weak spot for Marni jewelery.

Alexander Wang: The ss"10 show made me start loving mister Wang. His collections stay stong and city-like. (I've never loved the 'New York Style', but this is awesome.)
Céline: Minimalist on it's maximum. Loved the leather dresses and tops. I didn't like the pants underneath the dresses and skirts, but that makes the looks more mature in a strange way.
Clavin Klein: Loved the colours and the fact that Daphne Groeneveld opened. I'm not sure if those shoes can take you to the mall, but they look like liquorice.
Givenchy: Also an all-time favourite.I loved the -in my opinion- medival-looking hair, (My hair is unfortunatly not long enough to make this hairdo ): ) and the sheer-pannels and flowing dresses.
Stella McCartney: The (in)famous fruitprint. I love it. It's flashy and kinda 80's and youthfull and quirky. I think Freja is the right person to show this outfit.
Ann Demeulemeester: Ann did what she usually does and I love that.
Rick Owens: His collection reminded me of goddesses. I loved the funny and yet so serious make-up/headwear, and these shoes are just awesome. From a distant the flapper-things look like spikes. If you come closer, you'll see it's just leather.

Over all: Lots of white, sheer and long skirts this season.
Source: Vogue UK

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