Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Saturday, April 16


▲ Yep, that's a triangle.
You know food-pyramids, right? I made a 'life' pyramid.
But then a little diffrent.
The bottom row is the "YUGH, KILLS ME" row.
The row above that one is the "YUGH IT NEARLY KILLS ME" row.
Above that row we've got the "HMM. IRENE LIKES"row.
And on top we've got the "HEAVEN"
(McDonalds)Icecream, Money, Forks (Which moron invented knifes, spoons and etiquettes? Forks are all you need, folks...), (Givenchy)FASHION, Internet.
Autumn, (Frida Kahlo)Art, Chinese Food, Tea, Pancakes, (Eatable)Apples, Nailpolish.
Wet leafs (Who invented that, it feels so gross on your skin), (Sushi)Fish: My tummy can't handle fish, People-Who-Use-Basic-Smileys, Caterpillars (I mean: What use do they have, they are weird. If there would be a school for insects, the caterpillar got bullied. Of course I know it turns into a butterfly, but couldn't the butterfly skip the entire caterpillar-being?), Perfume (Most people wear too much of it), Andy Warhol (Of course I understand he was/is very important for art, but I think he's doing what I'm doing: Using pictures that do already excist and editing them, and he was calling it 'art'), Nailpolishremover (Put it on your skin: IT BURNS!!!), English liquorice.
School (No explenations needed), Maths (Oh, miracle!), Lipgloss (It feels like there's bad pudding stuck to your lips), ASPERGES (The taste, the smell, the structure, the colour!), (HipHop)Caps, Alarm clocks (Especially at 07:05), Bright colours, Twitter (I mean, can you say what you want in 140 symbols? No way.)
If you read all of that, I love you.

Today's WOO. 
It's actually getting hard enough to use a skirt as a top.
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  1. Ik ben het eens met de meeste dingen op de driehoek, haha. (a')
    Liefde voor die outfit. Ik moet zulke items hebben. Seriously.