Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Friday, April 15

I Hate Stripes...

Actually, I don't, but my new Week.Of.Outfits (Which is too long to write, so it'll be WOO) is annoyingly difficult.
And two drawings I made:

(Drawed in Real Life, coloured with Gimp.)

(My take on Prada Fall2011, Miu Miu Fall2011, Daphne G. Backstage at Versace Summer2011 (But she doesn't look like Daphne at all...)


  1. Liefde voor die Miu Miu tekening en die van Daphne die idd niet zo op Daphne lijkt maar toch heeft ze iets Daphne-ish. (a) Ik wou dat ik uw tekentalent had. :o

  2. graphics are amazing