Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Monday, April 25

Easter Lunch

What I would love to be eating:
Oreo-drink. If that's possible... (ReadL If it excists)
Icecream in a soft cookie.
Chocolat/Mocca/Vanilla maracons.
The chess pieces are my two thingies filled with sugar.
Dried Banana, more macarons, tea, more dried banana.
My See By Chloé keyfob.

But it looks boring so I'll do it this way:

Which'll be harder to eat I guess, but it looks exciting.
My mom got freeze-dried (How do you spell that) fruits from her gym. I'm in love. (:


  1. Ik krijg hier echt honger van.
    Gedroogde bananen (dat klinkt in het Nederlands echt vaag.) zijn echt heerlijk.

  2. Jij bent echt te creatief :o.