Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, April 7


This week I'll try to make an outfit out of these clothes, one outfit for every day of the week.

Day One:

Hmm. Image turned out a little small.
Chic, ladylike, little schoolgirl, early spring.

Oh, and today's Daily Duo is jaw-dropping:
Ollie Henderson, Aussie, 21 (Looks 12), Doll-face and awesome eyes, because I don't know what colour they are. Ice-y champagne?
I like models who are on the edge of creep/cute

1 comment:

  1. Oehhh leuke uitdaging (: Ongelooflijke liefde voor die outfit. Ik denk dat ik het in real ook wel zou dragen. En ze is zo knap. Ergens doet ze me denken aan Ginta Lapina. Ergens. Die ogen... omgomgomg. Dying.