Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Friday, June 3

The Stars Are My Limit

The Sky Is Yours.Something I think doesn't make sense, but sounds amazing.I'll try to post some outfits with the inspiration behind them. #ONE.Tumblr_llvyktajnp1qj8sn4o1_500_large 
This made me think of the boots and the watch, a nutty princess running around in her garden. And add a rabit who says 'I'm late!'
This made me think of the dress, the coat and the bag. The dress speaks for itself. The coat made me think of someone stading in the rain, on the moon. The bag just fitted with the outfit.

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  1. Oh liefde voor die outfit. Ik heb zo'n zwak voor Jil Sander schoenen en Christopher Kane dingen met een heelal print. En die jas van Dries van Noten, zo mooi. Kwijl.