Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Wednesday, June 22


Damnit, I can't upload pictures...
So I'll spam you with pictures I liked today.

I stumbled upons this:
I can't even concentrate on who they are, I just keep watching.

And I'm obsessed with this:
WHAT THE (Insert uncool word) IS THAT BEAR EATING?
I've been wondering like two hours or something. Anybody, help me, please!

And I fell in love with Jil Sander fw'11 and Daria Strokous. (Strokous is such a funny lastname. But 'Button' still is my favorite lastname.)
Daria Strokous by Willy Vanderperre. Via.

1 comment:

  1. Oh die gif had ik ook op mijn Tumblr dashboard gezien! Dat zijn Stam, Gemma, Sasha, Snejana en Vlada. Niet in die volgorde maar okee ;p. Ik vond hem ook al zo vaag. xd
    Ik vind die Jil campagne best wel saai... Ik ben echt een fan van hun kleding etc maar niet van hun campagnes, die zijn altijd zo saai. xd