Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Thursday, June 2


I would love to eat this.
Everybody wants to barbeque with this weather, but I don't like meat, so that means Ill eat bread with garlicsauce like a madman, which results in me having a bad breath.
I do like the salads and the icecream :D
Here I'll post my turns on classic recipes.
I like caesar-salad without the dressing. (I do not like the McDonalds salad, that one is way too salt.)
And as you might notice, I've got a pickle-goat-cheese-fetish. 
Classic. Mandarins/Oranges+Apples+Carrotjuice=Summer drink. It just fills so damn fast. 
No, not really escargots, I don't want you to die. They just look like snails.


  1. Leuke post =)
    Ziet 'r allemaal erg lekker uit ;D

  2. Oh die salade ziet er heerlijk uit <3

  3. Irene, als ik ooit ga trouwe moet jij maar de catering doen.