Guinevere in Dazed & Confused November (?) 2009

Sunday, June 19


Oh my, I'm such a bad blogger.
I'm just tired and not feeling like doing a thing. And I'm still disappointed by the fall collections, so there isn't much fashion in me.
I'll tell you 'bout my week.
Well, this was last, last week actually, I made this for a friend. The text says 'Congratulations, name' And it are all pieces of chocolate. And underneath it is also chocolate.

And I went shopping with my aunt, buying this bag, it's plastic, but it's square-ish and it feels nice and I like the top. (It forms like a cylinder, omg I love that word.) And it was cheap (: Sorry for the bad quality.

And I drolled over these:
Reed Krakoff Reed Krakoff Reed Krakoff 
By Reed Krakoff. I think he's going to be one of my favorite designers.
I just love the quirky simplicity.

And I made a new meal. I'm sorry for being more into 'creating' food than I'm into fashion atm. I'm so stubborn for letting one season ruin my fashion appetite.
And I fell in love with this Givenchy ad.
Jaquelyn Jablonski, pthotgraphed by Willy Vanderperre. I don't really like the model, or the way the advertorial is looking, I like the composition of the make-up, the basic typefront and the colours in the picture. The striking dark blue VS the soft pink, bloodred and vanilla-ish yellow.

Oh, and I've got a new floor (As you can see in the bag-picture) and new walls and two new lamps and I love it. (:

I'll try to post more, I promise!

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  1. Aw zo lief dat voor je vriendin (: En die tas is liefde. En de nieuwe maaltijd ziet er heerlijk uit. Behalve walnoten. Ik haat walnoten.
    WAAAAT? VIND JE JACQUELYN NIET LEUK? :'( Naja smaken verschillen (a') Jacquelyn is juist een van mn favorieten maar zoals ik al zei smaken verschillen. (a') Ik vind die campagne ehm. Vaag. Die make-up is echt lelijk, alsof ze het leuk vonden om met zwarte stiften op haar hoofd te tekenen en dan donkerrode lipstick erbij en dan een kilo lipgloss eroverheen. Maar wel fijn dat ze weer een grote campagne heeft, alleen volgende keer als ze een grote heeft, zonder die lagen make-up lol